Half a million views!

Half a million views!

I must take this opportunity to let everybody know, that today, 75nzsquadron.com passed the incredible milestone of 500,000 views. This amazing figure has taken almost 7 years to reach, but it has truly been worth the wait, given the amazing journey that many others and I have enjoyed in the mean time.

The growth and success of the blog has really been remarkable – I have said it before – but I certainly never dreamt that it would grow the way it has and been able to engage so many people – as I write, the blog contains 721 posts, is followed across all platforms by 852 people and has been visited over 123,000 times.

The interest in the Squadron seems unabated and it’s my plan to get back to the old days of regular posts – we have a lot of new material in the pipeline which will all be share in due course. We have now complete all the large structural projects, so as new information appears, it can all be added to what is possibly the most detailed record of an RAF Bomber Squadron that exists.

This wonderful event in the site’s history is perhaps a timely point to make another important announcement:

Project ORB is complete!

Five and a half years ago I began the slow transcription of the Squadron’s Form 540 “Operations Carried Out” for the duration of 75(NZ) Squadrons existence. Many have contributed, but special thanks must go to Hubert, David and Brian for their protracted efforts to complete certain years. In recent months I have turned my attention to 1942, and the latter months of 1940 – finally it is finished.

Whilst other Squadrons have already had their diary documents transcribed in whole, this is the first time that it has been achieved for 75(NZ) Squadron – an other first for the site!

I have also added a little navigation to make the reading of the individual months a little easier. Clicking in the “75(NZ) Squadron RAF Records” section in the top menu and then clicking on any specific year will give you a page with links to all months in that particular years (as opposed to holding on a year to get the jump off menu that will take you to a certain month).

In addition, at the foot of each month is a link which will take you automatically to the next month – at December you will progress to the following year.

For ease of entry to the records, please click below to go to the relevant year sets:


18 thoughts on “Half a million views!

  1. Peter Moran

    I only discovered 75NZ squadron after researching relatives who fought in WW1 and WW2. My mother, born in Oldham, England, had an older cousin, Edwin ‘Teddy’ Slater, who was a mid/rear gunner in 75NZ squadron, He was killed on August 44. Although it was another tragedy that a young life was extinguished by the war, we feel proud of what he did and that he served in such a distinguished Squadron.

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  2. JN-Dog

    I have probably benefited more than anyone from your work so far, and can only admire your perseverance and dedication to the huge job, of which Project ORB is only one part. This site is already a fantastic resource, and holds so much information in an easily accessible format. Well done, and thank you!

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  3. Mark McElligott

    Fantastic achievement – well done. Very proud my father was part of such a distinguished Squadron and is able to be remembered in this way.

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  4. Anne Fortune

    Congratulations Simon. You have done a marvellous job which has kept your Ded’s memory and supported so many people in fiinding and recognising those brave men in Bomber Command.
    I wish I had known Hector (Paddy) Stewart, my cousin, who kept nothing of his RAF time except his log book, hidden in a box, because of Churchill’s betrayal. Thank you so much – and more power to your elbow. Ake Ake Kia Kaha


  5. helsbels65

    Congratulations – well deserved!
    I found this site as my Uncle Phillip Smith was part of Mccartin’s crew who lost their lives in Nov 1944. His log book is digitised on your site.
    Love the history captured by all your researchers xx


  6. John Higgs

    Great site, only because of this site and reading my Dad’s logbook and the book “Forever Strong”, have I learnt so much of what my father and his mates went through to reach 30 trips over Germany, France and Italy. Was pleased that they finally earned their Bomber Command Clasp after 70 years. Sadly my Dad never lived to know that. Thanks.


  7. Rex Bunn

    Hi Simon, well done on your achievement. The archive has reached the stage where 75squadron.com ought itself be archived offline in some way. Perhaps you or NZ military historians already have this covered? Regards, Rex


  8. Patrick Murphy

    Wonderfully done enjoyed all the information posted. Carry on Gentlemen.
    Best regards
    Patrick Murphy


  9. pat Cooper

    My name is James Cooper I am the Eldest son of WI Rangiuia thank you very much for the information pertaining to the names of my Dads Air Crew would love to send some photos through but not sure how to go about it. Regards James Cooper.

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    1. victorwilliamjay

      Hi James, I’m sure Simon will advise you on the technicalities – you probably just need to email them to him, but I think he’ll be really busy at work at this time of the year. I just thought I’d mention that my dad was with the squadron at roughly the same time and took part in some of the same operations as your dad and Simon’s dad. Four of my dad’s crew were Kiwis, my dad, the flight engineer, and the two gunners were from the U.K., and I managed to make contact with the families of all of them. It took five years, but what I discovered was so interesting that I ended up publishing their stories in “The Mallon Crew”, with the email address TheMallonCrew@gmail.com. Cheers, Vic Jay.



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