12 thoughts on “Update – Bomber Command Profiles, 75(NZ) Squadron

  1. James Laity

    Sadly Amazon won’t ship this to Australia (and I presume NZ) which is kind of incongruous.

    Any chance of getting the book on Book Depositary?


      1. JN-Dog

        We are just trying to clarify what the situation is with sales via Amazon to Australia and NZ – I believe that orders have been placed and accepted for delivery to NZ, so don’t know what the problem could be with Aus?? For anyone having problems, the book will be available direct from the publisher – I will post details on here. Cheers, Chris


  2. JN-Dog

    They had a small problem with the cover that has meant it is this morning showing as out-of-stock, but that has been fixed now and will be back up and available by tomorrow according to the publisher. Cheers, Chris


  3. Mel

    Ordered Friday, just arrived. I also ordered Tom Dochertys No. 7 Bomber Squadron on Lindsay Wainwright’s recommendation (as my grandfather is mentioned in there) and Jeff Richards very kindly forwarded Gareth’s supplement for Aeroplane Magazine – so I have got some reading to do! This is a huge book, I am looking forward to several pots of tea and even more packets of biccies to have a read of everything! If there is anyone in NZ or Australia that want me to order them a copy from Amazon and ship to them I can look into that?


  4. Darren

    Got my copy yesterday. I hadn’t realised just how big a book it is. Have only read the first few months worth but it is a great read. Very detailed and it appears that the work done on this site has been absolutely invaluable to the author. At only 20 quid it really is a bargain.

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