The Evans crew – and a bit of a mystery………

I t was lovely to meet up with Kevin two Sundays ago for the November Remembrance Ceremony at Mepal. Kevin mentioned that he had received a photograph from a lady, who had found it in the processions of her late mother. Her assumption was that her mother had perhaps been a pen-pal to the crew pictured in the photograph.

At the time, I was slightly confused by Kevin’s comment that I didn’t have anything on the crew, but when I got back home, I realised a slight faux-pas on my part, I had accidentally overlooked actually adding the history to the crew page!

Referring to the Squadron database, I suddenly became very confused. The Evans crew were returned as flying 5 Ops with the Squadron, their first being a gardening sortie to the Frisian Islands on the 16th of December 1943, their last on the 15th of February 1944, again mining, this time to Kiel, (Roy Evans flying as 2nd Pilot with Osric White on the 18th of November to Mannheim).

Imagine my surprise when looking at the scan of the back of the crew photograph:

Clearly there is a slight discrepancy in totals. One might summise that the crew had already been posted elsewhere, however, all seem to have come to Mepal straight from 1657 Heavy Conversion Unit at RAF Stradishall.

I would be fascinated to hear from anybody who might have anymore information on the Evans crew, or any of its members and their 27 Ops completed…………

4 thoughts on “The Evans crew – and a bit of a mystery………

  1. JN-Dog

    W/Op W/O Jack Jones RNZAF swapped to the crew of P/O Colin Archibald Gunn McKenzie, RNZAF from 19 Feb 44 and flew 25 straight op’s with them. We have a photo of him in that crew (2nd from left in the photo above). The others all seem to have left the squadron in March 44, maybe injured in a crash, or a discipline issue? Could Jones (or one of the others) have sent this to Olwyn (who he presumably knew from when he was with the Evans crew) after having personally reached 27 op’s with another crew, or at a nother squadron? Sounds like “Pongo” was Roy Evans?


  2. j thorpe

    Hi Simon Have been a 75 Sqdn. devotee for many years. My former wife’s stepfather was Sgt. Bill Hyde RAF. Engineer in the Blance crew in Lanc ND756 AA- M shot down over France 28/29 July 1944 as stated in your evaders list. I have a copy of Bill’s MI9 report and also that of the Rear gunner F/Sgt Jim (Winkie) Kirk RNZAF, who’s son in New Zealand I am corresponding with. Zane Kirk has written a book on his dad’s exploits which is soon to be published. Would you like a copy of Bill and Winkie’s reports? Re the book , would it be possible to mention it on your blog do you think? Thanks for a wonderful website , it must be unique in it’s quality and content. Keep up the good work. John Thorpe Western Australia


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  3. Steve Hance

    Hi there!! My maternal grandfather was Walter “Wally” Wescomb (frequently mistaken spelt as Wescombe) who was the Flight Engineer in the Evans crew. I’ve got some diaries from his time with 75NZ – I’ll dig them out today and repost some info which might be useful. I’ve got entries for late 1943 up to January 1944 when he was posted to 1657 HCU because the skipper was lost.

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