21/12/19 Apple MacBook Air – Failed to Return……….

Dear readers of this Blog

It is with much sadness that I must report that the above named MacBook Air failed to return from blogging operations conducted the night before last.

It was seen to receive a starboard impact from an exploding cup of tea. Whilst the crew shut down all engines immediately and initiated dinghy/ kitchen towel drill, the display was almost instantly lost and there followed a crackling sound throughout its main body.

At the time of writing nothing further has been heard from the m/a and as such it is not clear whether any of the data on board survived.

This MacBook Air has been with 75nzsquadron since its formation and had completed a total of 731 posts, being responsible for over 550,000 views. Whilst significant amounts of data had been carried and then re-posted to other data storage devices, this loss is felt keenly, given that all of its data was new and would have undertaken a number of new posts during the coming months

To this end I must regretfully inform you that 75nzsquadron.com must wait until replacement machines can be procured before blogging can be recommenced…….

Donations of railings, metal gates, pots and pans can be donated here.

8 thoughts on “21/12/19 Apple MacBook Air – Failed to Return……….

  1. John Whittall

    Tragic news indeed, maybe an industrial machine would be a better replacement as the Apple machines although good at what they do are not as robust, cups of tea, coffee and tragically even cocoa can bring about their demise, Had Hitler been aware of this, the result of the war may have been very different, it is with deepest thanks that we give our blessings to Alan Turing and the operatives who worked on Goliath. That said, you are as daft as a brush, bringing liquids into close proximity to such a vital piece of equipment. On a more sensible note, you can get a device to connect the hard drive from your now defunct MacBook to the replacement machine. Regards John


  2. Michael Moores LeBlanc

    Don’t blame yourself. Apple keyboards must be made of rice paper. It’s easy to go through 6-7 for desktops as I have in 5 years. Great marketing strategy on rotten apple’s part. Sell a lot of keyboards if you ensure fragility in the product.



    Sad to here of the loss of such an important cog in the wheel of Royal Air Force and 75 NZ Squadron fighting tradition particularly when sustained during the RAF 100!
    It may be worthwhile making the heart of the blog the computer hardware, remote from the keyboard etc This can be achieved by utilising a simple HDMI cable from the computer to your TV set as this computer nerd has for many years. By so doing only the keyboard a minor part of the force can sustain attacks from various enemy beverages.
    No doubt eh erks can fix all problems then you can continue the good work.


  4. John Desramaux

    Could you contact me ASAP. I made a contribution to the JustGiving laptop fund on the 24 December 2018 and today my credit card statement shows another deduction. No contact info on JustGiving website.


    1. 75nzsquadron Post author

      Hi john – I think you will find it’s a return of your donation – sadly, only you and one other anonymous donor gave – and I didn’t feel it was right to take your money as I have had to just buy the laptop myself. However, your sentiment and generosity was very much appreciated!


      1. John Desramaux

        Simon. My deepest and humbling apologies. Too early in the morning here to realize it is a credit. When I read your appeal and after all the great help you provided for me in my research on Ed Deschaine I felt compelled to contribute. Thanks for clearing up so promptly. With regards to Ed Deschaine, I have completed my project but I can’t remember if i shared it with you?


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