75nzsquadron.com – back on Ops!

I am pleased to say that having finally taken ownership of a replacement to my once faithful MacBook Air, I am back and up and running!

Thankfully, the archived image of, lets call it MBA 001, whilst inaccessible as files has populated MBA 002 exactly and nothing of any significance has been lost whatsoever relating to the site or my archives – testament to the benefits of regular backing up methinks……..

It’s been a frustrating few months, but having said this, a constant stream of emails has ensured that there is plenty of content to add and this will happen through posts and updates over the next few months.

I owe a sincere thanks to 2 truly kind hearted souls who actually not only clicked on the ‘just Giving’ link of my ‘dead MacBook’ post from before Christmas, but also were prepared to put their hands in their pockets! In honest truth, as they were the only donations, I didn’t feel it fair to take the money, so I returned it. Many thanks to my lovely wife as always for having the financial clout to be able to step in during my darkest hour(s) and contribute to the effort!

During my imposed absence I have at least been able to continue with the Nominal Roll research, albeit on a PC (yuk). I have now reconciled the original Form 540 database to generate a list of all individuals who flew with the Squadron during the War. I am currently merging this information with individual information gathered form the Form 78 records for RAF personnel, as well as promotions and awards from the London Gazette. Additionally, book references have also added a significant amount of detail.

My searching has highlighted the significant discrepancies and variability of accessible information depending on country. A massive applause to the Australian National Archive, who have digitised the service records of those RAAF personnel who flew with the Squadron – to a level that is only, it seems, possible to obtain form other nations archives if you are a direct relative.

As I have already asked, please, find the time to contact your nations archives and request your loved ones service records – I have often remarked on the fact that this site is only what it is because of the generous contributions by all of you – this is so much more true in the creation of this new record.

As an aside and as a result of my database noodling, I would also like to know the dates of birth of your relatives. Whilst a small detail perhaps, it allows me vey easily to generate the actually, very poignant in some cases, age of the boys when they arrived at a front line bomber squadron. To this end, dates of passing, post-war would also be most welcomingly received.

In other, but potentially far more exciting news, Chris has begun to dig through the Air Force Museum of New Zealand’s archive and it seems at the moment almost every day is discovering some astonishing documents and records. Some material, is so unique as to have not even thought that it might exist! Having wetted your appetite, I am sure more details and posts will follow!

a thousand thanks for sticking with it!


7 thoughts on “75nzsquadron.com – back on Ops!

  1. juliaathome

    Hi Simon

    Great to have you back – you have been missed! You asked for dates of birth and death of our relatives:

    Terry Ford

    17.12.1922 to 30.12.2013

    Which means, like so many, he was just 21 when he was operational from August – December 1944. Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?!

    Keep up the good work.

    Very best wishes Julia Burke

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  2. Mark McElligott

    Glad to see you back – re dates – for Sgt Daniel Philip McElligott – DOB 26 May 1925, died 10 December 2006. Dad was 18 when he joined up and 20 at war’s end having served a tour as rear gunner –


  3. Rachael Ayson

    Hi my Grandfather was
    NZ427543 Raymond Arthur Cumberpatch of the 75 (NZ) Sqdn I have been searching for photos but cant seem to find any apart from 1 which was blurry is there any out there
    Thankyou Rachael


  4. j thorpe

    Hi Simon,
    Good to see you are back on ops!
    Two bolstering mottos for i.e Bomber Commands’ “Press on regardless!”
    And 75’s “Forever and ever be strong!” With apology for any misquotation.
    If you would like it I have the service record for former 75 Sqdn Flight Engineer Sgt Bill Hyde RAF, my former wife’s step – father.
    Shot down 28 – 29/7/44 and evaded with F/ Sgt Kirk RNZAF, you may recall I forwarded to you his Evasion report.
    Please let me know and keep up the stirling work!

    Kind Regards,
    [business card]
    4 Berrima Road,



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