29/3/45 ATTACK ON SALTZGITTER (Hallondorf in logbook) – Hermann Goering benzol plant

28 mar HallonDCrew
F/S Vernon John Zinzan. Pilot
W/O James Sydney George Coote. Navigator
F/O Robert Douglas Sommerville. Air Bomber
Sgt. Miles Parr. Wireless Operator
Sgt. A. Ackroyd. Flight Engineer
Sgt. H. Hutchinson. Mid Upper Gunner
Sgt. J. McManus. Rear Gunner

Lancaster Mk.I RF127
“W” for William

Bomb load 1 x 4,000 H.C. 7 x 500 ANM. 1 Munroe.
Primary target – Saltzgitter.
Remained on tracking pulse for some time but it failed periodically and no release pulse came on. When bombing attempted there was green smoke puffs and two minutes later when cookie was jettisoned there was another.

Up 12.45 29th March
Down 19.12 29th March
Total Flight Time 6 hours 27 minutes

75 (NZ) Sqn RAF Operations Record Book (ORB)
Twenty one aircraft attacked Saltzgitter as detailed. Cloud was ten tenths, tops up to 19,000 ft and thin cloud and contrails persisting above, reducing visibility to 500yds. No results were observed and a scattered raid is reported. Flak moderate.

Page 170, 1945. Form 540/ 541 AIR27/ 647  75(NZ) Squadron RAF, Mepal. National Archives.

Bomber Command War Diary
29 March 1945
130 Lancasters of No 3 Group carried out a G-H raid on the Hermann Goering benzol plant at Salzgitter. No results were seen through the cloud. No aircraft were lost.

Page 689, The Bomber Command War Diaries. 2011. Everitt Middlebrook. Midland publishing.

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