75(NZ) Squadron RAF Ground Crew 1944

Full Squadron Ground crew May 1944 NUMBERED

8. Sgt. M.T. ‘Les’ Mitchell MiD, RAF. (623399) F2E ‘A’ Flt < Dec 1942 > ‘C’ Flt 1945 (Barnstable)
10. Cpl. ‘Shorty’ Long F2A Maintenance Section. (Canada)
12. AC1 Johnny Kimber RAF, (1173276), F2E Maintenance Sect.
26. Group Captain Michael Wasse – Station Commander.
32. Sgt. E.S. ‘Blondy’ Saddler MiD RAF. (617854) F2E Maintenance Flight 1942, & ‘C’ Flight 1945.
33. Cpl. Les James F2E
34. Sgt. Wilf Groves MiD, RAF (1221296) F2E Maintenance Flt
70. Penny
84. LAC ‘Taffy’ Aldron F2E
85. LAC Ernest McDuff Gibbons RNZAF NZ40862 W/Op (Ground)
89. LAC Arthur Swift RAF. (1089979) FME ‘B’ Flt.
99. LAC George Gore RAF F2E (Band leader of the Squadron jazz band, the ‘NZer’s’)
124. Cpl. Freddie Matthews F2A
127. LAC ‘Brummie’ F2E
128. LAC Basil Goldstraw RAF F2E R&I Section

4 thoughts on “75(NZ) Squadron RAF Ground Crew 1944

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  2. Clive Kettle

    I believe my father was a part of the ground crews in the 75 New Zealand Squadron during the second world war. Unfortunately he is no longer with us, so I can not ask him for any more information. His name was Norman George Kettle. Would love to hear from you if you have any information about him. Many thanks.
    Yours Clive Kettle



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