Aircrew information form – download here

Information is sought to contribute to individual aircrew records on the website/ blog

This information will add to what we already have and provide as complete as possible record of all aircrew who flew with the Squadron. This record will be freely accessible and hopefully help, inform and guide research and discovery for al interested parties.

Any information provided is gratefully received and will be added to this individual’s information already presented on the site. By providing this information you not only allow a more detailed record of the airman to be presented as a lasting memorial to their endeavours during the War, but also provide information that may aid others in their personal research – in advance, I thank you for your generosity and time.

Some of the information sought, may not be known to you, but may be accessible by applying for the individuals service record from your respective countries Defence Department. In most, if not all cases, this information is free to next of kin. In order to provide as complete a record as possible for your relative, I would really encourage you to make the effort of application.

Hopefully the following form will make sense as you go through it, however in places I have added advisory comments to clarify the information I am seeking.