Memorial Garden, Mepal

The 75(NZ) Association Memorial Garden Mepal, Cambridgeshire

75 (NZ) Squadron Memorial Garden

For many years now the Memorial Garden in the centre of Mepal Village has been a focal point not only for members and visitors in the UK, but members and visitors from overseas. Those visiting the garden and for those that attend the Remembrance Day service, it is a special place to reflect and give thanks for the sacrifices made.

At the outset of the Memorial Garden a committee was set up, (The 75 (NZ) Squadron Memorial Trust ), to ensure that the garden and memorial were kept to a good standard. The trust was endowed with a sum of money to achieve this. Over the past three years a large amount of that money has had to be spent on major works on the garden. This has left the amount of money available for future maintenance in a poor state. Funds are now required to secure the future of the Memorial Garden.

If you would like to make a donation to the Memorial Garden then please contact:

Kevin King : Chairman

6 thoughts on “Memorial Garden, Mepal

  1. peter r.r. neech+

    my father was on 75 new zealand squadron about 1943/44/45. it is his birthday 07/1/2015 and he is 90years old, i can’t seem to trace any details of him even though he still has his log books of being there at mepal. his name is peter neech and his crew skipper was (surname) gibson, he is the only one left alive, my dads position was mid-upper gunner. anyone who remembers him let me know if you can


    1. Mary Neech

      Hi there
      My father was Vernon Sydney Herbert Neech, who had a brother Peter, your dad I am thinking. He just recently passed away, 3 days short of his 104th birthday and in pretty good nick! He was a pilot and instructor in Rhodesia during the war. Anyway, today I am going through all his papers he kept with him and found this which is what then got me on this website.
      75 sqdn Stirlings 6-21 Apr 44
      75 sqdn lancs 21 Apr to Aug 44
      98 sqdn Mitchell 1-25 apr to Aug 45
      Very best wishes Mary Neech
      Adelaide, Australia


  2. Becky Smith

    My Grandad was in NZ 75th squadron. Before he passed he spoke about his times and experiences to make sure that his memories were never forgotten. I have his photos of the crew he flew with and I’ve been passing his memories on to his great grandchildren.
    He will never be forgotten for his bravery and leaving his protected job in ICI Wilton to fight for his country



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