Group Photograph, Air Gunners, Mepal 1945

1945 Air Gunners Mepal

9. Sgt. Arthur George ‘Mike’ Smith RAFVR – Mid Upper Gunner. Crawford crew. confirmed – Pauline Whittle
18. F/S Dalthas Edward ‘Duff’ Couillard RCAF R.270581/ J.95050 – Mid & Rear Gunner. Woodcock crew. confirmed – Duff Couillard.
21. F/O John ‘Ted’ Smith RNZAF NZ428291 – Rear Gunner. Milsom/ Banks crew. confirmed – Matt/ John Smith
30. Sgt Norman ‘Paddy’ Allen RAFVR – Mid Upper Gunner. Banks crew. confirmed – Simon Sommerville
43. F/S Clive Melvyn Prince RNZAF NZ4213422 – Rear Gunner. Elliot crew. confirmed – Nigel Prince.
52. Sgt. Tom Benson RAFVR 1901416 – Rear Gunner. Lukins crew. confirmed Tom Benson
53. Sgt A. Crossfield RAFVR – Mid Upper Gunner. Lukins crew. suggested Tom Benson
67. F/S Sidney George Frederick Sizeland, RAFVR 196611 – Mid Upper Gunner. Martin & McKenna crew. confirmed – George Sizeland
75. F/S G B White, RCAF R.209852 – Mid Upper Gunner. Ware crew. confirmed – Chris Newey
81. Sgt Ronald ‘Reuben’ Birch RAFVR 1629667 – Rear Gunner. Meharry crew. confirmed – Martyn Birch
82. Sgt R. Dale RAFVR – Mid Upper Gunner Gunner. Meharry crew. confirmed – Martyn Birch


6 thoughts on “Group Photograph, Air Gunners, Mepal 1945

  1. Brian Benson

    Hi Simon,
    Another picture I have never seen before!
    Number 52 in the Air Gunners group photograph is my Father, Tom Benson. As a suggestion could number 53 be Sgt A. Crossfield RAFVR – Mid Upper Gunner? If you check the A Flight Group photograph for March 1945 Dad is number 69 and he appears to have his hand on the shoulder of number 68, who to me, looks remarkably like number 53 in the Air Gunners group. This is of course pure speculation on my part and could be totally incorrect.

    When you have the time please send me another month of ORB to transcribe.

    All the best


  2. Dave

    I believe my grandfather was a WAG in the 75 (NZ) Squadron.
    His name was Flight Sergeant Selwyn George Smith (NZ432769) serving from March 1943 to December 1945.
    I have a pending request for his service records with the NZDF but the wait was given as up to 4 months.
    Is there anything I can pursue in the interim?



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