J.A. Powell crew 29.09.41

29/09/1941 – Bombing Attacks Against Targets at Genoa and Frankfurt
Nine Wellington aircraft were detailed to carry out the above attacks. Target areas were bombed, bursts were seen, and fires started. Heavy and light A.A. fire was ineffective, and very few searchlights operated in target areas. Weather was not too good, there being cloud on route and in target areas. Navigation was by D/R, QDM, pinpoints, loop, Lorenz, astro.

Wellington Mk.Ic X.9976 AA-O

G/Capt John Alexander Powell, RAF 1626025 – Pilot.
P/O William Reginald Methven, RAFVR 67072 – 2nd Pilot.
F/L Watkins,   – Observer.
Sgt. Albert George Windiate, RAFVR 911390/ 112731 – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. Monk, RAFVR – Front Gunner.
F/L Kay, RAFVR – Rear Gunner.

Take Off 19:00 – Landed 05:00
Flight Time 10:00

30/11/1941 – Bombing Attacks Against Targets at Emden and Hamburg
Eleven Wellington Ic and two Wellington II aircraft were detailed from the Unit to attack the above targets. A mixed bomb load was carried consisting of 4000lbs, 1000lbs, 500lbs, 250lbs and containers of incendiaries. Weather was clear and visibility good. A few bombs were dropped in the target area the remaining were bought back to base. Heavy, medium and light flak was encountered and a large number of searchlights were active. (Sentence illegible). One unidentified aircraft was also seen off the Frisian Islands. A convoy off Cromer fired at aircraft until colours were fired. Navigation was good. Astro and D.R. loop being used. One Wellington Ic aircraft, 1099, captained by Sgt. Harrison-Smith failed to return to base.

Wellington Mk.Ic Z.8495 AA-?

G/Capt John Alexander Powell, RAF 1626025 – Pilot.
Sgt. McLauchlin, RAFVR – 2nd Pilot.
F/L Watkins,   – Observer.
F/S Leonard Roy Gould, RAFVR 552462/ 49001 – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. Burgess, RAFVR – Front Gunner.
F/L Norman Dudley Greenaway, RAFVR/ RNZAF 78998, NZ2487 – Rear Gunner.

Take Off 17:10 – Landed 00:10
Flight Time 07:00

01/04/1942 – Attack Against Targets at Hanau and Le Havre
Eleven Wellington aircraft were detailed to carry out an attack against the above targets. Bomb load consisting of 4000lbs, 500lbs, and 25 lbs was dropped in the target area but results were not seen except for bomb bursts on the docks at Le Havre and in the marshalling yards at Hanau. Wellington III X3714 returned with it’s bomb load. There was very little flak and only a few searchlights were active. Wellington III Z1566 was chased from Brussels for about 30 miles by a night fighter which was successfully evaded in the clouds. Weather was poor and there were severe icing conditions which handicapped the whole operation. TR1335 and D.R. were used as aids to navigation.

Wellington Mk.III X.3636 AA-R

G/C John Alexander Powell, RAF 36122 – Pilot.
W/C Peter Smith RAF   2nd Pilot.
S/L Watkins, RAF – Observer.
Sgt. John Owen Henry Nichols, RAFVR 1257377 – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. Stanley Alfred George Shaw, RAF 1166184 – Front Gunner.
Sgt. Norman Edward Whiting, RNZAF NZ404107 – Rear Gunner.

Take Off 22:55 – Landed 05:40
Flight Time 06:45

25/06/1942 – Attack on Targets at Bremen
Twenty a/c were detailed to attack the above. Bomb load of 4000lbs, 1000lbs, 500lbs and 4lb inc was dropped in the target. Results not observed. There was alarge amount of A.A. fire searchlights were ineffective. A JU88 followed Well.III X3664 but did not attack. Weather was moderate with 10/10 cloud. Nav was good.

Wellington Mk.III ? AA-W?

G/C John Alexander Powell, RAF 36122 – Pilot.
F/O Nathaniel Edmund Hodson, RNZAF NZ403603 – Observer.
Sgt. Leonard Chambers, RNZAF NZ403758 – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. Alan Walter Rutherford, RNZAF NZ404572 – Front Gunner.
Sgt. Kenneth Atherton Crankshaw, RNZAF NZ404533 – Rear Gunner.

Take Off 23:52 – Landed 04:41
Flight Time 04:49

23/10/1942 – Operations. Attack Against Targets At Genoa
Eight aircraft were detailed to attack the above target. Bomb load of 1,000 lb. 500lb. and 250lb. and incendiaries were dropped in the target area, some aircraft claimed to have also bombed Savona. A few light A.A guns and one or two searchlights were encountered. No combats took place. The cloud base at target was down to 3 to 4,000 feet. The aircraft came below this cloud to bomb. Navigation was good by D.R., T.R., loops and fixes.

Wellington Mk.III BK.275 AA-?

G/C John Alexander Powell, RAF 36122 – Pilot.
Sgt. Raymond Herbert John Broady RNZAF NZ39691 2nd Pilot.
Sgt. John Charles Kennedy Fabian, RNZAF NZ413720 – Observer.
Sgt. Edward Henry Gray, RNZAF NZ412878 – Wireless Operator.
S/L Watkins, RNZAF – Front Gunner.
Sgt. Alexander McIssac , RNZAF NZ412891 – Rear Gunner.

Take Off 18:20 – Landed 03:05
Flight Time 08:45