June 1940

Feltwell 1940

June 1.

One aircraft carried out Dual Instrument flying practice for 1 hour. 15 mins.
One aircraft trip to Weybridge, take crew to bring back aircraft R.3156.

Surface Wind:      N to NW 5 – 10 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:        2,000 – 6,000 ft 300 – 315 degrees 15 -25 m.p.h,
Weather:              Cloudy, fair periods in afternoon. Slight risk of showers.
Cloud.                    6/10 – 9/10 at 2500ft. 1000 – 2000ft locally at first.
Visibility.              10 – 15 miles, 4 – 6 miles locally in haze.

June 2.

16.45 One aircraft carried out Cross Country flight of 3 hours duration.

Surface Wind:      Variable, less than 10 m.p.h. 15 m.p.h. on coast.
Upper Wind:        Between NW and NE less than 15 m.p.h,
Weather:              Fine.
Cloud.                   Little or no cloud.
Visibility.              Improving to 5 – 10 miles, but patches of fog on coast at times.

June 3.
Bombing attacks on Target A.28 DUSSELDORF.
Eight aircraft detailed to carry out individual attacks. All aircraft successfully located and bombed target with exception of PCB.348 who had misfortune to develop engine trouble when only five miles from target area, so he bombed searchlights in area of KREFOLD and a factory at VENLOO, where a large fire was started. Heavy A.A. fire reported in region of ROTTERDAM airport. Searchlights in great numbers and active. Night was good, slight ground haze made target fairly hard to locate. Fog encountered on returning to Base and some aircraft had to be directed to other aerodromes.

Aircraft.               Captain.                               Raid Serial No.                    Target.
P.9209.                  F/Lt. Breckon.                      PCB.339.                                A.28.
R.3158.                  P/O. Freeman.                     PCB.348.                                   ‘’
R.3156.                  F/O. Williams.                       PCB.341.                                   ‘’
R.3171.                  F/O. Adams.                          PCB.347.                                   ,,
P.9206.                  S/Lr. Kay.                               PCB.346.                                   ,,
R.3166.                  S/Lr. Collett.                          PCB.353.                                   ,,
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.                       PCB.355.                                   ,,
R.3159.                  F/O. Coleman.                      PCB.354.                                   ,,

Surface Wind:      Winds light less than 15 m.p.h. up to 6000ft from between E & SE.
Weather:              Fine.
Cloud.                   Little or none.
Visibility.               5 – 10 miles.

17.25 One aircraft carried out a Cross Country flight lasting 1 hour 50 minutes.

1 Wellington Mark 1A P.9205 despatched to 9 Squadron Honington on 29/5/40.

The following officers posted to this unit from 214 Squadron Stradishall with effect from 3/6/40. 3 Group Signal P.316 dated 2/6/40
42602        P/O.        Hankins. M.H.                       G.D.
42390        P/O.        Braun. M.R.                           G.D.
P/O.        Denton. F.H.                         G.D.
P/O.        Cross. R.P.                             G.D.
P/O.        Peel. N.R.                               G.D.

June 4.
Operations and Training.   

One Wellington aircraft Mark 1c R.3218 received from 24 Maintenance Unit Ternhill, for use in this Squadron.

June. 5.                 
Bombing Attacks on Cross-Roads and Marshalling Yards at CAMBRAI.

Seven Wellington aircraft detailed to carry out attacks on above target. Five aircraft located and successfully bombed same, but PCB.369 failed to locate it and bombed enemy searchlights and a convoy. While PCB.372 reports that due to an error in identifying the target DOUAI was bombed instead of CAMBRAI, a railway yard and factory being objects. Little activity observed by any of crews due to heavy ground haze.

Aerodrome on West side of DOUAI noticed to have been heavily bombed and hangers burning fiercely. Little inaccurate flak over target area, and heavy flak over DOUAI. Searchlights numerous at all town centres.

Aircraft.               Captain.                                Raid Serial No.                     Target.
P.9206.                  S/Ldr.Kay.                              PCB.367.                                CAMBRAI
R.3171.                  F/O. Adams.                          PCB.368.                                ,,
R.3156.                  F/O. Williams.                        PCB.369.                                ,,
R.3166.                  S/Ldr. Collett.                        PCB.370.                                ,,
R.3159.                  F/O. Coleman.                      PCB.371                                 ,,
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.                        PCB.372.                                ,,
R.3172.                  P/O. Freeman.                      PCB.373.                                ,,

14.35 One aircraft carried out Air firing over The Wash.
16.05 One aircraft practiced Night flying approach.
23.15 One aircraft carried out Check Landings.

The following two officers posted to this unit from 214 Squadron Stradishall, with effect from 5/6/40, 3 Group Signal P.327 5/6/40.

P/O. Poole.                         G.D.
P/O. Sanderson.                G.D.

The following officer posted to 149 Squadron Mildenhall, from this unit. As per No. 3 Group Signal P.323. dated 5/6/40.

P/O. Cross. R.P.                 G.D.

Surface Wind:      East 15 m.p.h. becoming East Northeast 5 – 10 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:        2000 – 6000ft 080 – 100 degrees 25m.p.h.
Weather:              Fine.
Cloud.                   Mainly cloudless, risk of 10/10 cloud below 800ft after 03.00 hrs.
Visibility.              Excellent falling to 5 miles locally towards midnight. Occasional sea fog   patches in North.

June. 6.                

15.45 Three aircraft carried out local flying practice.
17.25 One aircraft carried out Cross Country flight lasting 1 hour 40 mins.

Surface Wind:      Easterly 10 – 15 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:         2000 – 6000ft 090 – 100 degrees 20 – 30 m.p.h.
Weather:               Fine.
Cloud.                    Little or none.
Visibility.              10 -15 miles.

 June. 7.                 
Eight aircraft detailed to carry out individual attacks on targets, but one PCB.390 was one hour late in taking off due to enemy air raid alarm and reached target area ST. VALERY only to find it covered in low fog, and after flying around for some 15 minutes, returned to base with bomb load intact. Other aircraft successfully attacked targets, with good results. Little activity seen on ground due to low lying fog and smoke haze over target area. Very little A.A. fire experienced by any aircraft, although PCB.387 machine-gunned from bridge head at ST.VALERY and found one bullet hole in starboard wing, which caused extensive damage to main spar. As for searchlights, very little activity. A clear cloudless sky encountered over whole journey, but fog at Base necessitated two airc376.raft being directed to other aerodromes. Navigation by D/R and homing bearings.

Aircraft.               Captain.                                 Raid Serial No.                     Target.
P.9206.                  S/ldr. Kay.                               PCB.376.                                CHIMAY.
R.3158.                  P/O. Freeman.                       PCB.387.                                ST. VALERY.
P.9209.                  F/Lt. Breckon.                        PCB.388.                                ST. VALERY.
P.9212.                  F/O. Williams.                        PCB.389.                                ST. VALERY.
R.3171.                  F/O. Adams.                           PCB.390.                                ST. VALERY.
R.3171.                  S/Ldr. Collett.                        PCB.391.                                ABBEYVILLE.
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.                        PCB.392                                 PONT REMY.
R.3159.                  F/O. Coleman.                       PCB.393.                                ABBEYVILLE.

Three aircraft carried out individual Cross Country flights of 21/2 hrs, 4.15 hrs, and 2.24 hours, duration respectively.

Surface Wind:      Northeasterly 10,15 m.p.h. falling to 5 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:        2,000 – 6,000 ft 30 – 90 degrees less than 15 m.p.h,
Weather:              Fair apart from slight coastal drizzle later.
Cloud:                   Cloudless in first half of period but 10/10 stratus below 600ft drifting in from the coast towards midnight.
Visibility.              Excellent inland falling to 3-6 miles after dark with local fog patches towards the coast. Visibility variable on the coast with fog patches in the second half of period.

June. 8.

18.40 One aircraft carried out a cross country of 4hrs, duration.
‘’ZZ’’ Approaches were practiced for 2.50 hours.

Surface Wind:      Winds variable less than 15 m.p.h. up to 6000feet.
Weather:              Fine apart from risk of thunder at first. Mist during early morning.
Cloud:                   3/10-6/10 large cumulus or cumulo-nimbus at first, base 2000ft above sea level, becoming cloudless in latter half of period.
Visibility.              Mainly 3-6 miles but less than 2000 yds in mist patches.

June. 9.
Operations. Bombing Attacks over Enemy Territory.
Seven Wellington aircraft carrying 4 – 250lbs, bombs and six containers of incendiaries each were detailed to carry out individual bombing attacks on targets allotted them, as below:- All targets were successfully attacked, and numerous fires were started Little activity observed between DUNKIRK and CHARLEVILLE, but target areas heavily defended. FCB.402’s aircraft was hit in the Port Wing by shrapnel splinters. Searchlights intensively accurate all over target area. FCB.402 held by same and front and rear gunners heavily machine-gunned them. Weather cloudless and clear in target area, heavy smoke haze from numerous fires.

Aircraft.                Captain.               Raid Serial No.                    Target.
R.3166.                  S/L.Collett.             FCB.395.                                ROCROI & G5.
P.9205.                  S/L.Kay.                  FCB.394.                                ROCROI & REVIN.
R.3159.                  F/O.Coleman.        FCB.397.                                CHARLEVILLE & G6.
R.3167.                  P/O.Williams.        FCB.402.                                G9.
P.9212.                  F/O.Williams.        FCB.411.                                ROCROI & REVIN.
P.9029.                  P/O.Freeman.       FCB.396                                  CHARLEVILLE & G6.
R.3171.                  F/O.Adams.           FCB.403.                                 G9.

12.25 One aircraft carried out Cross Country of one hour 45 minutes.

Surface Wind:      ) Light variable.
Upper Wind:        )
Weather:             Thundery tendency over whole area decreasing gradually during period.
Cloud:                  Frequent long cloudless patches after midnight. Large patches of low stratus persisting over Central North Sea.
Visibility.             Poor in fog patches. Moderate to good inland and mist patches before dawn.

June. 10.              

One Cross Country flight by one aircraft of 4.30hrs duration.
17.00 One aircraft carried out a Cross Country flight of 5 hours duration.

Surface Wind:      Light and variable up to 6000ft at first becoming westerly less than 10 m.p.h. at end of period.
Weather:              Cloudy with risk of thunderstorms or thundery rain. Smoke haze and risk of local ground fog.
Cloud:                   4/10-6/10 at 3000ft above MSL at first dispersing slowly after midnight. Persistent medium cloud.
Visibility.              4-6 miles at first, deteriorating to 1-2 miles and local fog patches towards dawn.

June. 11.              
Six aircraft and crews proceeded on Special Duty to “PAMELA” as below:-

Aircraft.               Captain.
P.9209.                  S/Ldr. Kay.
P.9212.                  F/O. Williams.
L.7784.                   P/O. Freeman.
R.3172.                  F/O. Adams.
R.3166.                  F/O. Coleman.
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.

Bombing Operations – FUMAY.
Two Wellington aircraft detailed to carry out individual attacks on above target, and carried 3 – 250lbs. G.P. bombs and 6 containers of 25lbs. Incendiaries each. Fires seen started, and ammunition dump or pyrotechnic dump fired, and ring of searchlights bombed and one blown up by direct hit. Large greenish flash observed in centre of fires. Weather conditions extremely bad and no important observations made. Intense light and heavy flak experienced by both aircraft while over target. No difficulty experienced in avoiding searchlights, in spite of heavy concentrations. Navigation done by D.R. and homing bearings, with assistance of flares over target area.

Aircraft.                Captain.                           Raid Serial No.                    Target.
R.3171.                  S/Ldr.COLLETT                 KCB.416.                                FUMAY.
R.3169.                  F/O.Lucas.                        kcb.417.                                  FUMAY.

One aircraft carried out “ZZ” landings for 2.55 hours.
One aircraft P.9206 carried out Cross Country flight for 1 hour.

Surface Wind:      Light Variable.
Upper Wind:        2000–6000ft. 280-300 degrees 10-15 m.p.h. backing to 260-280 degrees.
Weather:               risk of thunderstorms or thundery showers persisting until dusk, otherwise, fair or fine.
Cloud:                     3/10 to 6/10 at 3000ft above MSL becoming 8/10-10/10 at 1000ft in local thunderstorms. Low cloud dispersing at dusk.
Visibility.               6-8 miles but 400 yards in local haze, deteriorating locally to 1000-2000 yards, towards end of period.

June. 12.              

Four aircraft carried out Air firing practice over The Wash.

Surface Wind:      SW to W veering W to NW late in period, 5-10 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:        Up to 6000ft 240,270 degrees veering 300-320 degrees late in period, 15 m.p.h.
Weather:              Light local rain around midnight.
Cloud:                   5/10-8/10 at 3000ft above sea level decreasing temporarily then increasing towards sunset to 6/10-10/10 at 1000-2000ft above sea level.
Visibility.               5-10 miles deteriorating towards midnight to 3-5 miles.

June 13.               
Bombing attacks on Targets G9 AND G6.
Three aircraft of the seven taking part in the above operations carried 6 – 500lbs G.P. bombs each, while remaining four carried 12 – 250lbs. G.P. bombs each. Three aircraft located and attacked target successfully, remaining four attacked, aerodrome at CALAIS, dock area at BOULOGNE, approaches to LE TOUQUEST, and a convoy of approximately 12 vehicles. No observations made due to bad weather around target areas. A.A. fire fairly intensive, inaccurate light flak experienced by most of crews in vicinity of target, and searchlights fairly active, also at main towns to and from same. Weather to and from targets not good, 10/10 experienced up to 10,000 feet. In area of G6 fairly good, but at G9, heavy ground haze made pin-pointing difficult. Navigation by D/R and homing bearings and visual fixes.

Aircraft.                Captain.                               Raid Serial No.                      Target.
R.3165                   F/O. Watson.                         KCB.422.                                     G9.
R.3166.                  S/L. Collett.                            KCB.423.                                     G9.
R.3167.                  F/O. Lucas.                            KCB.425.                                     G9.
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.                       KCB.424.                                     G9.
P.9209.                  F/L. Breckton.                       KCB.430.                                     G6.
P.9212.                  F/O. Williams.                       KCB.431.                                     G6.
R.3171.                  F/O. Adams.                          KCB.433.                                     G6.

Two Cross Country flights carried out in aircraft 1c. R.3218 of 2.10hrs & 2.20hrs, respectively.

June. 14.              
Incendiary Raid on Black Forest East of ACHERN AND OBERKIRCH.

One aircraft took part in raid with four aircraft from No. 37 Squadron, and he carried 6 – 250lbs. Containers holding 10 – 25lbs. Incendiary bombs each. Three bombs were dropped in target area and fires started, but due to torrential rain encountered, slowly extinguished. No road, rail, river or seaborne traffic observed. No A.A. fire in target area, slight at OSTEND, GHENT, and STUTTGART. Ice formation experienced from 7000 – 13000ft. 10/10 cloud over most of route. Navigation by D/R. Two thirds of flight carried out on instrument panel.

Aircraft.                 Captain.                                 Raid Serial No.                      Target.
R.3159.                  F/O. Coleman.                      KCB.442.                                As Above

Aircraft R.3169 carried out Cross Country flight of 3.45 hours.
One aircraft           “       “       “           “         “     “ 2.20   “
“       “               “       “       “           “         “   “ 3.10   “

June. 15.              

Two aircraft carried out Cross Country flights, and one aircraft on local night flying practice for 11/2 hours.

June. 16.              

36244. P/O. Macfarlane. M.H. G.D. posted from this unit to Harwell for flying training and refresher course. Authority No. 3 Group Sig. P379 dated 14/6/40.

76005. P/O. A.B.Charles. promoted to Acting Rank of Flying Officer.
F/O. A.J. Adams.                “                “    “            “     “     Flight Lieutenant. w.e.f. 26/5/40.

Authority: – Headquarters No. 3 Group Letter 3G/8937/5/1/P.2 dated 16/6/40.

Operations. Bombing Attacks on Targets A.73.
Seven Wellington aircraft detailed to carry out individual attacks on above target in the RUHR, five aircraft carrying 9 – 250lbs G.P. bombs and container of incendiaries each, while remaining two aircraft’s load consisted of 4 – 500lbs G.P. bombs and one container of incendiaries. All aircraft successfully attacked the target, and fires were seen to start. Dummy flare paths seen, and balloons observed to be flying in most areas around RUHR. Light and heavy flak experienced. Searchlight in great force in and around target area, due to large number of aircraft operating in district, pilots had no difficulty in keeping out of beams. Weather good, slightly hazy in target area. Navigation by D/R, visual fixes, & homing bearings.

Aircraft.No.         Captain.                                Raid Serial No.                 Target.
P.9209.                  F/L. Breckon.                           LCB.446.                                 A.73.
R.3165.                  F/O. Watson.                           LCB.447.                                    ”
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.                         LCB.448.                                    ”
R.3159.                  F/O. Coleman.                        LCB.452.                                    ”
R.3167.                  F/O. Lucas.                              LCB.453.                                    ”
R.3171.                  F/O. Adams.                            LCB.454.                                    ”
P.9212.                  F/O. Williams.                         LCB.455.                                    ”

14:30 Two aircraft practiced night flying for two hours.
17:50 Four aircraft took part in High Level Bombing practice at Berners Heath.

One Wellington Mark 1 aircraft L.4355 despatched to No.11 O.T.U. Bassingbourne by air. Authority:- Headquaters Bomber Command signal Q.10 15/6/40.

June. 18.

One aircraft carried out a Cross Country flight of 2.25 hours duration.

June. 19.
Bombing Attacks on targets M.39 and L.82. 

Five of the eight aircraft detailed from this Squadron to carry out attacks  carried 5 – 500lbs S.A.P. bombs, two others 5 – 500lbs G.P. bombs, and remaining machine loaded with 9 – 250lbs bombs and one case of incendiaries. Weather was good over whole part of route and moon was to pilot’s advantage, and all aircraft located and attacked targets, with exception of LCB.474 who attacked rail and road bridges at DUSSELDORF. Searchlights numerous over AMSTERDAM and OSNABRUCK and balloons noticed to flying over all main towns on route. Only one enemy machine seen, an ME109 off Dutch coast, but did not attack. Navigation was by D/R and visual fixes and homing bearings.

Aircraft.No.           Captain.                                  Raid Serial No.                     Target.
R.3156.                  S/L. Kay.                                  LCB.462.                                M.39.
L.7784.                   P/O. Freeman.                       LCB.463.                                M.39.
R.3171.                  F/L. Adams.                            LCB.464.                                M.39.
R.3166.                  S/L. Collett.                             LCB.465.                                M.39.
P.9209.                  F/L. Breckon.                          LCB.466.                                M.39.
R.3169.                  F/O. Lucas.                             LCB.467.                                M.39.
R.3165.                  F/O. Watson.                          LCB.474.                                L.82.
R.3159.                  F/O. Coleman.                       LCB.475.                                L.82.

Wellington Mark 1A aircraft, P.9206, P.9209, P.9210, P.9212, L.7784. Embodiment of alteration 526, to increase azimuth travel of bow turret, as per BG/12307/ENG.1A, dated 3/6/40. All modifications completed by this date.

Surface Wind:      Northeasterly 10-15 m.p.h. becoming less than 10 m.p.h. later.
Upper Wind:        2- 6000ft, 040–060 degrees 20-25 m.p.h.
Weather:              Fair.
Cloud:                   Mainly medium and high cloud at first, but risk of 10/10 stratus at 600feet or less above MSL spreading inland from coast after 01.00 hours.
Visibility.               6-12 miles, becoming 4-5 miles.

June .20.              

R.3281 carried out Cross Country flight of 4hrs. 5 minutes duration.

Surface Wind:      North Northeast 10-15 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:        2000- 6000ft, 040–060 degrees 25-30 m.p.h.
Weather:               Mainly cloudy, slight rain or drizzle locally on coast at first and inland later.
Cloud:                    610-10/10 at 1000-2000ft above MSL, but patches 600ft above MSL persisting near coast. Much high and medium cloud.
Visibility.               5-10 miles reduced to 2-4 miles in heavier local drizzle.

Wellington Mark 1A P.9207 despatched to 38 Squadron Marham. 3group signal “W”S.54 16/6/40.


Nothing of importance occurred today.

Awards and Decorations.
22223. S/Ldr. C.E. Kay. O.B.E.,     G.D. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross.
Authority:- Extract London Gazette No. 34878 dated 21/6/40 and 3 Group Routine Orders 53 28/6/40

June. 22.             

1400 One aircraft with crew, Air firing and bombing Berners Heath for 2hrs. 25mins.
1520 P/O.Gow and crew in aircraft R.3172, bombing – Berners Heath.

Wellington Mark 1C R.3255 received from 24 M.U. Ternhill. Auth: 41 Grp. Signal A.810 21/6/40.

Surface Wind:      S.W. 5-10 m.p.h. becoming W’y 10 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:        2000-6000ft 270degrees 15-20 m.p.h. becoming 290-310 degrees 20-25 m.p.h.
Weather:              Cloudy with rain spreading over whole area from the North West.
Cloud:                    Mainly medium cloud at first, but cloud base lowering and becoming 8/10-10/10 at 1000-2000ft above MSL but 10/10 at 600ft above MSL at times in heavier rain.
Visibility.               4-8 miles but 2 miles in rain.

June. 23.              

Nothing of importance occurred today.

Surface Wind:      Northeasterly to easterly 10-15 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:        2000-6000ft 040-070 20-25 m.p.h.
Weather:               Cloudy with risk of occasional thundery showers chance of extensive fog patches or low stratus later in period.
Cloud:                    4/10-6/10 at 2000-3000ft above sea level falling to 600-1000ft above sea level in showers. Risk to 10/10 stratus at 300-600ft above sea level later in period.
Visibility.              Mainly 3-6 miles except in fog patches, deteriorating to 2 miles in showers.

Bombing attacks on targets F.19 & A.108.
Eight Wellington aircraft took part in attacks, which were successfully carried out, bomb bursts observed, and fires seen to start, while thick haze in target area made identification difficult. Two balloons observed to be flying over KASSEL area, and a flare path extinguished at KESSEL aerodrome on approach of first aircraft. A.A. Fire extremely thick and fairly accurate, over both targets. Searchlights very numerous, and weather fair throughout, except for haze. Navigation by D/R, visual fixes, and homing bearings. All aircraft returned safely.

Aircraft.No.         Captain.                               Raid No.                                 Target.
R.3166.                  S/L. Collett.                              LCB.483                                  F.19
R.3169.                  F/O. Lucas.                              LCB.484                                  F.19
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.                         LCB.485                                  F.19
P.9206.                  S/L. Kay.                                  LCB.489                                  F.19
P.9209.                  F/L. Breckon.                          LCB.490                                  F.19
L.7784.                  P/O. Freeman.                       LCB.491                                  F.19
R.3165.                  F/O. Watson.                         LCB.501                                  A.108
R.3159                   F/O. Coleman.                      LCB.502                                  A.108

22.40 Two aircraft carried out formation flying practice for 1hr. 25mins each.
03.10 P/O. Harkness in aircraft R.3156 carried out Cross Country Operational training flight.

Surface Wind:       West to North west 5-10 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:         2000-6000ft. 300-340 degrees 15-20 m.p.h.
Weather:               Fair.
Cloud.                     Variable amounts 2000ft above sea level, tending to disperse later, but 6/10-9/10 low stratus at 300-600ft above sea level in coastal areas drifting seawards in evening.
Visibility.                5-10 miles but 2-6 miles on coast and 2 miles in haze locally.


Nothing of importance occurred today.

Surface Wind:       Westerly 10-15 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:          2000-6000ft. 270-300 degrees 20-25 m.p.h.
Weather:                Cloudy, risk of thundery showers.
Cloud.                      6/10-9/10 at 2000-4000ft with medium cloud above.
Visibility.                 6-12 miles.

June. 26.              
Bombing attacks on targets M.431, H.49, AND M.122.
Targets successfully attacked by eight aircraft taking part from this unit, and large explosions and bomb bursts observed, on aerodromes and buildings at M.122, with large fires being started, which were visible until coast was crossed. At H.49 damage not observed, but felt to be severe. During operations, a number of dummy flare paths observed, and balloons seen at 10,000 feet over HAMM. A.A. fire on the whole was very heavy, both heavy and light flak experienced, and searchlights intense. The weather was not good, thunderstorms prevalent making observations difficult in most areas, and icing experienced above 8,000 ft in clouds. Navigation by D/R, visual fixes and homing bearings.

Aircraft.No.         Captain.                                Raid No.                                   Target.
R.3166.                  S/L. Collett.                            DCB.513                                 M.431
R.3169.                  F/O. Lucas.                            DCB.514                                 M.431
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.                       DCB.515                                 M431
R.3165.                  F/O. Watson.                         DCB.516                                 H.49
R.3235.                  F/O. Coleman.                      DCB.517                                 H.49
P.9206.                  S/L. Kay.                                 DCB.518                                 M.122
P.9209.                  F/L. Breckon.                        DCB.519                                 M.122
R.3153.                  P/O. Freeman.                     DCB.520                                 M.122

Instrument flying practice carried out by two aircraft for 2hrs 5 mins and 1hr 35mins respectively.

Surface Wind:       WNW 5-10 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:         2000-6000ft. 300-320 degrees 30 m.p.h. falling to 20 m.p.h.
Weather:                Scattered showers and slight risk of thunder, but mainly fair after midnight.
Cloud.                     Isolate cumulo-nimbus cloud at 1000-2000ft above MSL dispersing patches of layer cloud above 3000ft above MSL and long cloudless periods.
Visibility.                6-12 miles falling to 3 miles locally around dawn.


Air firing and bombing carried out in aircraft R.3156 and P.9212 at Berners Heath.

Surface Wind:      Westerly 5 -10 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:         2000-6000ft. 270_290 degrees 10-20 m.p.h.
Weather:               Fair or cloudy.
Cloud.                    Much high cloud, medium cloud increasing later 5/10-8/10 at 2000-3000ft above sea level.
Visibility.               6-12 miles falling to 3-5 miles by end of period.

(Bombing attacks on Target C.37.
Eight aircraft from this unit detailed to carry out attacks on above target, Chemical works at KOLN. CB.525 was unable to identify target accurately owing to thick haze and engine trouble, so bombed WAALHAVEN aerodrome at ROTTERDAM. Bursts observed and hits registered during all attacks, and fires started. CB.529 also could not pin-point target, so bombed blast furnaces at COLOGNE. Many balloons seen over all main areas in RUHR, and A.A. fire particularly heavy, also over ANTWERP. Fog experienced on return to base with result that three aircraft had to land at WITON.

Aircraft.No.           Captain.                                    Raid No.                                   Target.
R.3171.                  F/Lt. Adams.                             CB.521                                      C.37
L.7784.                   P/O. Freeman.                         CB.522                                      C.37
R.3218.                  F/Lt. Breckon.                           CB.525                                      C.37
R.3156.                  P/O. Harkness.                         CB.526                                      C.37
L.7797.                   F/O. Williams.                          CB.529                                       C.37
R.3235.                   F/O. Coleman.                        CB.530                                       C.37
R.3169.                   F/O. Lucas.                              CB.531                                       C.37
R.3165.                   P/O. Williams.                         CB.532                                       C.37

Eight aircraft carried out formation flying practice.
One aircraft R.3159 Cross Country flight of 3 hours.

Surface & Upper Wind:   Light Southerly less than 15 m.p.h. Up to 6000ft..
Weather:                             Fair or fine. Coastal fog towards dawn.
Cloud:                                   Variable amounts of low cloud at 5000-600ft above MSL.
Visibility:                              6-12 miles at first becoming 2-4 miles generally but 1000-2000yards on South East coast in fog.

P/O. Wright. A.G. 42789. G.D.) Posted to this unit from R.A.F. Station Harwell
P/O. Cleak. F.B.   77961. G.D.) with effect from 27/6/40. Auth: No.6 Group signal 6G/1706/26/P.2. dated 25/6/40.


Nothing of importance occurred today.

Surface Wind:       Southerly 10-15 m.p.h. veering to SW to W 10 m.p.h.
Upper Wind:         2000-6000ft. 190-210 degrees 30 m.p.h. veering to 270 degrees 25 m.p.h.
Weather:               Fair becoming cloudy later with chance of rain in evening.
Cloud.                    Small amounts of low cloud at first becoming 5/10-8/10 at 2000-3000ft above MSL.
Visibility.                10-15 miles decreasing to 4-6 miles after dusk and 2-4 miles in rain.

(Bombing attacks on forest south of FRANKFURT.
Six aircraft from this unit started out to attack above target, but unfortunately one CB.543, had to return to base with a burst oil pipe in the rear turret after some time in air. Target was located and bombed, and fires were started, but did not persist. Village of WALLDORF was bombed inadvertently. Little inaccurate light flak experienced over FRANKFURT, but heavy over RUHR, and many hundreds of searchlights operating in latter, but only a few in target area itself. Weather good throughout trip, but fog was experienced on return to base, resulting in three aircraft being directed to WYTON, where they landed safely.

Aircraft.No.        Captain.                                Raid No.                   Target.
R.3166.                  S/Ldr.Collett.                        CB.541                        Forest South of FRANKFURT
R.3255.                  F/O. Coleman.                      CB.542                                    “                “   “          “
R.3168.                  P/O. Williams.                       CB.543                                    “                “   “          “
P.9206.                  S/L. Kay.                                 CB.544                                    “                “   “          “
R.3171.                  F/Lt. Adams.                          CB.545                                    “                “   “          “
L.7784.                   P/O. Freeman.                     CB.546                                      “                “   “          “

One aircraft carried out “ZZ” landings at Mildenhall for 3hrs. 33mins.
22.30 Aircraft P.9210 captained by P/O.Larney carried out Cross Country Night Operational practice
04.00 Two aircraft carried out Cross Country flights of 3 hrs. 20mins, and 3hrs. 45mins respectively.

Surface Wind:         Winds up to 6000ft light variable less than 15 m.p.h.
Weather:                  Fine, but local fog or mist patches in early morning.
Cloud.                       3/10-6/10 base 3000ft above MSL. Detached cumulus dissipating early in period. Some medium and high cloud persisting.
Visibility.                 10-15 miles deteriorating to 2-6 miles but local fog patches.

One Wellington Mark 1C R.3297 received from No. 10 M.Unit Hullavington for use with this Squadron, Authority:- A.961 dated 18/6/40.

Continue these records – July

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