No. 75 (Bomber) Squadron 1937 – 1940

BRADSHAW, John Douglas
Age 19
Aircraftsman 1st Class 567454 RAF
9th May 1938
Fleetwood Cemetery, Lancashire, England.

FISH, Ronald Herbert
Age 19
Aircraftsman 1st Class 550326 RAF
5th April 1938
St Peters Churchyard, Malton, Yorkshire, England.

Age 29
Corporal 507414 RAF
5th April 1938
St John the Baptist, St John’s Chapel, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham, England.

HUMPHRIES, George Jeffrey
Age 26
Leading Aircraftsman 561722 RAF
5th April 1938
Maidstone Cemetery, Kent, England.

MARSHALL, Ronald George Cowley
Age 24
Sergeant 564231 RAF
5th April 1938
Hipswell ( St John ) Churchyard, North Yorkshire, England.

MERCHANT, Edward James
Age 28
Flight Sergeant 560185 RAF
5th April 1938
St Pancras Cemetery (Camden) London, England.

MOSS, Thomas Robert
Age 29
Sergeant 518032 RAF
28th November 1939
Northampton (Billing Road) Cemetery, Northamptonshire, England.

SMITH, Frederick Trevor Martin
Age 23
Sergeant 518492 RAF January 1940
Cardiff (Cathays) Cemetery, Wales.

STEVENS, Barry Osborne Cornelius
Age 22
Pilot Officer 33415 RAF
18th January 1940
Harwell Cemetery, Berkshire, England.

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