Read this first!

I have recently looked to grow this section based on an expanded series of sets of information gathered through research. I am currently still compiling this so you will see that some sections in this menu set are currently empty – this is either because I have not yet filled it with the information I have, or because I currently do not have anything for a particular stage of Bob’s RAF career.

In laying out these sections, I had the choice of either only adding/ showing what I had, or defining all areas. I decided to show all areas, simply because someone might see a posting location and contact me about it, possibly with some information of their own.

Please bare with me – all this takes time, but I will get there eventually.

Currently, the latter stages of training have information – 11 OTU and 1651 CU and all raids listed have content in his first tour with 75(NZ) in 1943.

I have just started adding the initial ops flown by the Zinzan crew, prior to Bob’s return to the Squadron.

more to follow……

6 thoughts on “Read this first!

    1. 75nzsquadron Post author

      Hi John
      Many thanks for contacting me – I put an obvious search in for ‘Cowling’ and got nothing – but then that’s based on the gross assumption that his surname was Cowling – if you can let me know what his surname was – or perhaps his Pilot, then I will have another look for you




  1. Alexandra Sedgwick

    Hello! I am looking for information about my grandmother’s first love, who she sadly lost in 1941. Sgt Richard Booth Elliott 75nz squadron, observer, 581379, died 10 January 1941 and buried at Feltwell. I have found RAF records of his last flight and where he is buried. Wondering if there might be photos of him or if anyone has any other information?


  2. Martin Brown

    My father-in-law was L M O’Connor DFC who was known as “Irish”, and was a Lancaster pilot. I believe his service in UK was at Mepal and he always kept a picture of Ely Cathedral in his home. He said that when he saw that, he knew he was up safely.
    I am keen to learn as much as possible about his service and what he was awarded the DFC for. I don’t know where to look for the records


    1. 75nzsquadron Post author

      Hello Martin, Lawrence’s Op history can be seen here;

      I think your first stop off with be the RNZAF archives:

      Many thanks for passing on his nickname – I will add it to the Op History – you will see that in total they flew 32 Ops with the Squadron, in fact, starting in Stirlings at the beginning of 1944 before the Squadron moved to Lancasters. You will see that he took part in the infamous 20th of July Op to Homberg where 7 of the Squadrons aircraft failed to return.

      Noting that on arrival Lawrence does not appear to have flown any initial Ops with existing crews makes me think that he/ the crew had prior operational experience, the absence of any incidents recorded with in the raid reports tends me to think that his DFC was non immediate and therefore awarded for long service (2 tours of Operations). His citation confirms this, reading very much as my own Father’s;

      “This officer has completed numerous operations against the enemy, in the course of which he has invariably displayed the utmost fortitude, courage and devotion to duty”.

      Anything else you know that might be added to the crews history would, of course, be gladly received



  3. Leigh Kerr

    Hi Please do you have any photos of the crew of Stirling Mk.III BK768 AA-L My grandad was the wireless operator Sgt Charles Cyril Mould. They were shot down and all crew lost 25/06/43 It says in the report that not all the bodies were found but my uncle found the graves in Amsterdam of two unidentified RAF buried next to the other NZ crew members found same day by Dutch fisherman. My email is Kind regards Leigh



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