J.H. Russell crew 5.6.43 †

05/06/1943 – Mining off the Frisian Islands
Five aircraft were detailed to carry out the above operation with Mines of 1500lb. They all successfully dropped their mines in the allotted area and the majority of the parachutes were seen to open. No A.A. fire, searchlights or enemy aircraft were encountered. It was hazy in the mining area, although visibility was fairly good. Navigation was excellent.

Stirling Mk.I BF377 AA-J

Sgt. John Herbert Russell, 1338131 – Pilot.
Sgt. George Albert Walker, 1332840 – Navigator.
Sgt. E.D. Taylor, RCAF R.135003/ J.18878 – Air Bomber.
Sgt. Ronald Charlton, RAFVR 644136 – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. John Dabbs, RAFVR 1099128 – Flight Engineer.
Sgt. G. Buglass, RAFVR 645313 – Mid Upper Gunner.
Sgt. E.D. Taylor, RCAF R.135003/ J.18878 – Rear Gunner.

Take Off 22:57 – Landed 01:52
Flight Time 02:55

11/06/1943 – Attack Against Targets at Dusseldorf
Sixteen aircraft were detailed to attack the above targets with bombs of 2,000lb.,1,000lb. and incendiaries of 30lb. and 4lb. One aircraft failed to return and two returned early owing to engine trouble. The remainder of the aircraft successfully dropped their bombs in the target area. Many large fires and huge explosions were seen. Moderate and heavy A.A. fire co-operating with search lights were encountered. One aircraft was coned by searchlights, but violent evasive action eventually avoided them with difficulty. Some enemy aircraft were seen and two short combats took place, but no damage was sustained by our aircraft. The weather was clear and the visibility was good except for haze caused by the fires. Navigation was very good. The missing aircraft was Stirling Mk.III BK817 captained by Squadron Leader R.H. Laud, (“A” Flight Commander).

Stirling Mk.III BK817 AA-B

S/L Ronald Hugh Laud, RAF 40625 – Pilot.
Sgt. John Herbert Russell, RAFVR 1338131 – 2nd Pilot.
Sgt. Hugh Steel McQuade, RAFVR 1349542) – Navigator.
Sgt. Henry Stephen Mulholland, RAFVR 1332768 – Air Bomber.
Sgt. Thomas, Whatmough, RAFVR 1059932 – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. Aubrey Reginald Waite, RAFVR 575638 – Flight Engineer.
Sgt. Frederick John Hawkins, RAFVR 1299618 – Mid Upper Gunner.
Sgt. M.K. Matthews, RAFVR 848364 – Rear Gunner.

Take Off 23:48 – Landed –
Flight Time Missing

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