A.J.N. Scott crew 27.1.43 †

Perhaps a little unusually for this period of the War, the Scott crew flew their first op without their Pilot flying with a more experienced crew. Mining or ‘Gardening’ Ops were considered a relatively easy first Op – though history challenges this for rookie crews in the Squadron…….

27/01/1943 – Gardening off Terschelling
Two aircraft were detailed to carry out this operation with 1500 lb. vegetables, both of whom reported that their vegetables were planted in the allotted area and the parachutes were seen to open. No A.A. fire or search lights were encountered. One enemy aircraft was seen but no combat took place. The weather was not very good, being cloudy and hazy with poor visibility. Navigation was very good.

Stirling Mk.I R9250 AA-C

Sgt. Andrew James Newel ‘Dougal’ Scott, RNZAF NZ414685 – Pilot.
Sgt. Joseph Stanley Bergin, RNZAF NZ402533 – Navigator.
Sgt. William Barron Kane, RAFVR 1312222/ 158333 – Air Bomber.
Sgt. K. Phillips, RAFVR – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. George Hugh Falloon, RCAF C.18262 – Flight Engineer.
Sgt. William Joffre Reid, RNZAF NZ411779 – Mid Upper Gunner.
Sgt. L.C. Sorenson, R.8674/ J.89823 – Rear Gunner.

Take Off 17:40 – Landed 21:00
Flight Time 03:20

In an incredibly cruel twist of fate, Andrew’s next Op was with Ken Blincoe’s crew, one assumes to give him some War Ops experience after the ‘easy’ Gardening Op of the previous week. All the crew, including Andrew Scott were lost.

03/02/1943 – Attack Against Targets at Hamburg
Nine aircraft were detailed to attack the above target with 4 lb. incendiaries. The crews were instructed to return if they hit bad weather, which unfortunately they did. Heavy cloud and icing were experienced forcing five aircraft to return early. Two aircraft attacked the target but they were unable to observe results owing to 10/10ths. cloud. Some A.A. fire and a few searchlights were encountered although low cloud prevented accuracy. No enemy aircraft were seen. Navigation was good. Two aircraft failed to return, they were Stirling 1 BK604 captained by P/O J McCullough and Stirling 1 R9280 captained by P/O K.H. Blincoe. This was a sad loss as they were two of the oldest captains in the Squadron, with them was also lost Sergt. Scott and P/O Henderson, two new captains gaining experience as second pilot. This leaving us with two headless crews.

Stirling Mk.I R9280 AA-W (1)

P/O Kenneth Howard Blincoe, RNZAF NZ412194 – Pilot.
Sgt. Andrew James Newel ‘Dougal’ Scott RNZAF NZ414685 – 2nd Pilot.
Sgt. Frank Arthur Boese, RAFVR 1293282 – Navigator.
Sgt. George Wood Cook, RNZAF NZ412514 – Air Bomber.
P/O Harold Lowe, RAFVR 905609/ 115129 – Wireless Operator.
Sgt. Desmond David Hayward, RAFVR 651764 – Flight Engineer.
Sgt. Edward. McDermott, RCAF R.96960 – Mid Upper Gunner.
Sgt. Desmond Clearwater, RNZAF NZ412314 – Rear Gunner.

t/o 1821 Newmarket. Shot down by a fight-fighter and crashed at 2000 at Ingen (Gelderland), 8 km NNE of Tiel, Holland. All crew are buried in Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery.
Take Off – – Landed –
Flight Time Missing

More information on Dougal Scott here.

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