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Project ORB update – Form 540 July 1945 complete – 1945 complete

AIR27:648 1945 75SQD ORB 309

The final page of the 1945 Form 540, announcing the disbandment of 75(NZ) Squadron, on the 15th October 1945. © The National Archives

I am really pleased and proud, to announce that with the completion of the July Form 540 by Brian, we now have a complete set of Form 540’s for 1945.

Read Form 540 July 1945 here.

This has been a remarkable effort and I feel so proud for the completion of this first year from the ORB records of 75(NZ) Squadron RAF, because I had absolutely no hand in doing it whatsoever – it was entirely completed by people who volunteered to do the job! A massive thank you to all those who completed portions or full months to make this possible;

So massive thanks to the following people:

As I  always say  when I make an announcement about the completion of another month of the ORB, please, if you want to contribute something by way of taking a month to do,  contact me! More people read these pages when they are published than have so far stepped forward to help transcribe them, so without wanting to sound arsey on such an upbeat post, maybe its time to put something back into the project!

Thanks again to all those that helped make the completion of 1945 possible