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Leonard Roy Gould, Wireless Operator – Lucas crew, new images


Courtesy Kerry Foster

Many thanks again to Kerry, for passing on 3 more images form the collection of documents of Leonard Gould, Wireless operator with Frederick John ‘Popeye’ Lucas. The image shown here is a fantastic hand tinted photograph of Leonard. Also added to the ‘Collections’ section is an extract from a newspaper describing Leonard’s modesty in telling his parents he had won the D.F.M. and gone to Buckingham Palace to receive it and also a fantastic picture of ‘Popeye’ taken, Kerry believes in Trafalgar Square.

View these new images here, in the ‘Collections’ section of the blog.

Leonard Roy Gould, Wireless Operator – Lucas crew, 1940


Wellington AA-H X3468, with one assumes, Leonard Gould and others stood in front of it.
© Kerry Foster


Wellington X3597 AA-C (Charlie)
© Kerry Foster

Many thanks to Kerry for contacting me, initially regarding some additional information for the Wellington database, which included the above 2 images as proof of the serial no. information.

Kerry is a keen collector of 75(NZ) memorabilia and I hope to be able to share further items from Kerry on the blog in the near future. These 2 pictures came from what Kerry described as ‘a small photo & document grouping from the estate of 552462 Sgt Leonard Roy GOULD DFM’

Leonard Gould was the Wireless Operator with Frederick John ‘Popeye’ Lucas and I think from the little I can find on him, flew on 2 occasions with the Squadron and with ‘Popeye’, between April and November 1940 and then between July 1941 and July 1942.

Unfortunately, as with my previous post regarding Cliff Page, my lack of a complete set of ORB’s from the earlier years of the war prevents me from adding my normal crew Op history to a posting like this – which perhaps means a trip to the National Archive Website when I get paid next month……….