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‘C’ Flight group photograph, March 1945 in front of PB820 JN-V

75 Sqdn C flight March 1944

‘C’ Flight group photograph, March 1945 in front of PB820 JN-V
© Tony Pickup

Many thanks to Tony, son of Dick Pickup, wireless operator with the Bailey crew for passing on this fantastic photograph, of ‘C’ Flight, taken at the same time as the ‘B’ Flight image I posted into the new ‘Group Photographs’ section yesterday.

I know there are quite a few relatives of ‘C’ Flight boys that are blog regulars, so I will give you the pleasure of ‘naming and numbering them on the main image page which can be accessed here.

C’mon people – there HAS to be an ‘A’ Flight group photograph out there somewhere!!

Adding to the picture – Group photographs

b flight march 45 without numbers

‘B’ Flight group photograph taken around March 1945, in front of PB820, JN-V

I have decided to add another section to the blog. This new section will begin (hopefully) to fill with examples of large group photographs from the Squadron and I would like to try and use it to obviously identify as many individuals in the photographs as possible.

The first photograph in this new section is the ‘B’ Flight group photograph taken in front of PB820 JN-V, Douglas Clement’s regular aircraft.

If you go to the link below to this photograph, you will see I have tried to add a reference number to each airman in the photograph – in places this is a little difficult, so I have applied a basic rule that the number is placed on the airman’s chest, unless space does not allow this – in the case of this image, the back row is very tight, so in these individuals cases,  some of the numbers are placed above their heads.

Once you are looking at the photograph, if you click on it, it will enlarge and another click should enlarge it again certainly enough to allow identification of individuals.

If you know the identity of any of the aircrew, please contact me with the number and the name of the individual.

You can view the numbered image here

It would be great to add the equivalent group photographs for ‘A’ and ‘C’ Flights, so if you have, or know someone who has a copy of these photographs, I would love to add them to the collection.

John Townson Dickinson RAFVR (2221282) logbook


Many thanks to Tom for sending his Grandads logbook to add to the collection. John Dickinson was Mid Upper Gunner with Charles Spain’s crew, completing a tour at Mepal between 18th September and 21st December 1944 with ‘B’ flight.

Read John’s logbook here