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Barry Aldridge

Barry and Sue Aldridge, pictured with their book, ‘Memories of RAF Witchford’, in 2013.

It is with great sadness that I must pass on to all of you news from Kevin of the passing of Barry Aldridge.

Barry was 68 and died after long battle with dementia.

In 1995 Barry along with his wife Sue started the museum at Witchford, dedicated to 115 and 75 NZ Squadrons.

The artefacts and photographs on display  give a vivid history of the Squadrons. Barry’s dedication earned him awards and praise in equal measure. It had always been Barry’s ambition to write a history of RAF Witchford.

He started the project and was making good progress when his illness struck. His wife Sue, knew how much the project meant to him, and decided to complete it. This she archived in 2013 with the publication of ‘ Memories of RAF Witchford’. It sold so well that it had a second print run.

Barry leaves his wife Sue, daughters Amanda ,Tracey and grandchildren Zack and Chloe.

I am sure you will all join me in passing on the most heartfelt condolences to the family.