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1982 75 NZ. Squadron Association Commemorative Cover

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Browsing through the tempting pages of eBay – as you do – I came across this nice little commemorative cover that was created to record the 1982 75 NZ. Squadron Association, UK Branch reunion.

I have never come across one of these before – perhaps simply as I have not been looking in the right place. But having found it, I see that there are several more available through various sellers. I have taken the liberty of digitally removing the name and address of the recipient of this particular cover, suffice to say it was addressed to a ‘Miss L. Hendry’ in Brighton.

I am not sure if Miss Hendry is related to Digger Hendry, Wynn Russell’s Air Bomber – but if anybody knows her identity, or relationship to the Squadron, I would obviously be fascinated to find out.

The nice touch, obviously is the signature by Cyrus Kay, C/O of 75(NZ) Squadron RAF. You can read about W/C Cyril Kay here.

The story of the Jimmy Ward’s heroic actions that resulted in W/C Kay commendation for the Victoria Cross can be read here, a short interview with Sgt. Ward can be seen here and pictures of the aircraft involved can be seen here.

Apart from this, I must confess I don’t know much more about the 1982 reunion, so would welcome any comments on this post regarding details, attendees etc.