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Aircraft Database update 6th August 2014

composite aircraft image

Many thanks as always to Ian for another update to the 75(NZ) Squadron Aircraft Database. The database contains some new updates particularly relating to the Lancaster section and Ian has also added a note at the bottom relating to ‘Flight’ identification. Ian feels and I completely agree with him, that there appears to now be substantive evidence that a lot of existing sources for information on the aircraft that flew in the Squadron are in parts incorrect – there clearly seems to be errors relating to ‘C’ Flight and it would appear in some cases, aircraft have been identified as ‘AA’ (A or B Flight), simply through the ignorance that ‘C’ Flight (JN) even existed.

I suppose to this end, if anybody has the time to check through our database and is able to provided definitive evidence of particularly, Flight coding (photograph/ logbook entries etc) then please, as always contact us!

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Aircraft Database update 9th July 2014

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Many thanks to Ian as always for his diligent work with the Squadron aircraft database, of which, a new update has just been uploaded!

View the Wellington records here.
View the Stirling records here.
View the Lancaster records here.

Lancasters ‘doing the business’……..

DSC_0260 (2)

75 (NZ) Sqdn Lancaster dropping bombs, daylight op’. New Zealand Bomber Command Assn. archive / Clive Estcourt

More pictures from Chris……….!

Chris notes that while not all the lancasters in these pictures can be specifically identified as being from the squadron, the provenance of original ownerships suggests most might be, nevertheless, they are fantastic images showing lancasters, doing what they were built for.

DSC_0188 (2)

Lancaster landing/taking off. New Zealand Bomber Command Assn. archive / Arnel Meyer

DSC_0099 (2)

Gaggle of Lancasters on a daylight op’ New Zealand Bomber Command Assn. archive


75 (NZ) sq C flight Lancaster JN-O flying over Europe, early 1945. The white streak at the bottom of the photo is the River Rhine. Published in “Lancaster At War 3”, by Garbett & Goulding, , Ian Allan Ltd, and also in “Dying For Democracy”, by F/L G A Russell DFC, self-published. Credit: New Zealand Bomber Command Assn. archive / Believed to be from Stuart Hector Richmond, NZ425433, A/B Robertson crew.

Once again, if anyone has more information about any of these photos, we would love to hear from you – and thanks again to Peter Wheeler and the NZBCA for permission to share photos from their archives.

Aircraft Database – minor corrections

composite aircraft imageStirling and lanc only

Many thanks to Ian for performing a few tweaks to the aircraft database regarding information on the Stirling and Lancaster pages, since the last major update last week.

See the Stirling page here
See the Lancaster page here

Aircraft Database update 2nd February 2014

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Many thanks to Ian, as always, for his continuing work on the aircraft database section of the website – here is is latest update!

Wellington records here.
Stirling records here.
Lancaster records here.

Arthur Williams Photo album – Hubbard crew


‘Hells Angel’ – identity of aircraft unknown – though if this is a 75(NZ) Squadron aircraft, its the first time I have heard of this nose art………….
© Arthur Rhys Williams

I had a very pleasant and unexpected contact from David, with some fantastic photographs from the photo album of his Father-in-Law, Arthur Rhys Williams, who flew with Fred Hubbard. David thinks all of these photographs are from Arthur’s time with 75(NZ) Squadron at Mepal and they contain some images that certainly I and I suspect a fair number of visitors to the blog have never seen before, so this contribution is very exciting.

Information is sparse regarding some of these images – so any solid information, or at least amusing hypothesis would be greatly received as always.


Unknown group, perhaps grouped as trade, believed to be taken at Mepal 1945.
© Arthur Rhys Williams


Clearly a Stirling being bombed up. Interestingly, despite their point of arrival with the Squadron, the Hubbard crews first Op was in BK777 AA-U – Allan Alexander’s old kite, which carried ‘Alexanders Ragtime Crew’ nose art
© Arthur Rhys Williams


Double confirmation from ‘Luck and a Lancaster’ and ‘Bombs on Target’. Taken in ND782 AA-U ‘Uncle’ by Ron Mayhill. Formatting on Mepal lanes on the return from Hamel 14th August 1944. HK574 AA-R ‘Rio Rita’, piloted by Harry Yates. In the foreground, HK562 AA-L ‘Lucy’, piloted by Des Brown.
© Arthur Rhys Williams


A bit of a mystery regarding the exact identity of this Lancaster. Looking at Ian’s database, ND914 ‘swung on landing’ and or either ND782 ‘written off on an air test’ perhaps ??
© Arthur Rhys Williams


PB421 AA-K getting some attention from a number of aircrew. Based on the changing designator letters of the aircraft, the photograph might have been taken early after its arrival in August 1944, through possibly to 2nd February 1945. There is some suggestion this A/C might have initially be lettered ‘U’, so the earliest date for this photograph might be later than August.
© Arthur Rhys Williams

Aircraft database update

composite aircraft image

Many thanks to Ian for his continuing work on the aircraft database section of the website – here is is latest update!

Wellington records here.
Stirling records here.
Lancaster records here.