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Project ORB – June 1943

A massive thanks to Bryan for his efforts to complete the Form 540 for June 1943. Those of you that are familiar with the Form 540 ‘Summary of Events’ for the Squadron will know that in particular, 1943 is an amazing research resource, detailing as it does all crew movements in and out of the Squadron for that year.

While other early years also contain this information, the sheer size of the Squadron by 1943 means that while this is a fantastic research reference, it simultaneously represents a nightmare for anybody undertaking a transcription of a month – having done a few months for 1943 myself, I take my hat off to Bryan for having the patience to complete June.

So another month is added and Project ORB slowly rolls on to completion. If any of you are reading this post and fancy having  a go at one of the 4 remaining months from 1943 – please contact me – you are more than welcome!

View the Form 540 for June 1943 here.