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Cheltenham Cemetery – Sgt Bernard Arthur Riley Moore RAFVR 1106308

BAR Moore Cheltenham

The ‘summer’ has arrived and with it some time from work so I have decided to try to visit a few cemeteries over the period and record a few more gravestones for the Roll of Honour pages of the blog. Time spent on Google Maps has allowed me to plot where all the outstanding ones are in the UK and it has also allowed me to understand what might be the logistics of gathering them. Depending on the weather, there may well be some stupendous road trips ahead!

On the way to my Mother, I took a relatively modest diversion on the M5 to visit Cheltenham Cemetery and the grave of Sgt Bernard Arthur Riley Moore.

Bernard was killed on the 13th of May 1943 when the Stirling he was Mid Upper Gunner in, suffered an engine failiure of the starboard inner engine. Without the necessary power to climb after take-off, BK721 AA-Z clipped the ‘Devils Dyke’ and crashed a short distance from the North West end of runway of Newmarket. Only the Pilot, Squadron Leader Edward Robert Myddleton Appleton and the Wireless Operator Flight Sergeant Stanley Cocks survived, however both were seriously injured.

Bernard was returned home to be buried in Cheltenham. Likewise and accordingly, Sgt James Samuel Andrews was buried in Guildford Cemetery, Surrey and Sgt Joseph Wykes lays in Dalbeattie Cemetery, Urr, Kirkcubrightshire.

The 3 RNZAF airmen in the crew, Sergeant Robert Frederick Harvey, Flying Officer John  Johnston and Flying Officer Selwyn James Clubb were all laid to rest in Newmarket cemetery.



Roll of Honour No. 75(HD) and No.75(Bomber) Squadron

Many thanks to Kevin for passing on his now complete Roll of Honour for aircrew lost in No. 75 (Home Defence) Squadron RAF and No. 75(Bomber) Squadron RAF.

The addition of these casualty records, not only recognises Kevin’s ongoing efforts to create a full Roll of Honour for aircrew of the Squadron (which I know, given their relatively small number has taken Kevin a considerable amount of time to collect) , but also expands the records on the blog relative to the recent additions to the Operational Record Book section of the blog regarding the activities of these 2 Squadrons, which would eventually become 75(NZ) Squadron RAF.

I have restructured the Roll of Honour section on the blog slightly to add these 2 new Rolls – the much larger Wartime Roll now sits under ‘ No. 75(NZ) Squadron RAF’ – the list by country and alphabetical list sitting as 2 jump off menus under it. To see the 2 new Rolls, simply click on the relevant one under the main Roll of Honour menu item.

Whilst never presumptive that we will hit another 10,000 views on the blog, given the proximity of our arrival at the significant milestone of 150,000 views, I’d like to think that readers to the blog can push us to this new figure and at the same time perhaps help to remember the names of these boys, who, perhaps relative to the lost of the 2nd World War, have been lost in history…..

View the Roll of Honour for No.75(HD) Squadron RAF, 1916 – 1919 here.
View the Roll of Honour for No.75(Bomber) Squadron RAF, 1937 – 1940 here.

Roll of Honour – Cemeteries by country. United Kingdom updated

Owing to the dire TV on over Easter Sunday, I am pleased to announce that all of the grave details have now been added to the United Kingdom section of the Cemeteries by country section of the Roll of Honour. If any of you have planned perhaps to go visit some of the boys, these grave location information should at least make them easier to find…….

See the updated United Kingdom section here.

New addition to the Roll of Honour – listing by Cemetery and Country

By way of assisting people in hopefully providing pictures of the graves stones of the members of 75(NZ) Squadron RAF in the Roll of Honour, I have re-ordered Kevin King’s original Roll of Honour, based alphabetically on the cemeteries where the individuals lay. To make your searches easier, I have then broken the list down to individual pages relating to the countries where these cemeteries are located.

Additional to the original RoH information I have added 2 additional columns – one which will eventually list the Commonwealth War Graves location of the graves – I have so far only added a few grave numbers to each country’s page to preserve the layout of each table – and a final column which will identify if a picture has been submitted for the grave.

After my post about my visit to Buxton Cemetery I laid down the offer of receiving photographs from any body who wished to contribute them – I also suggested that rather than pull images from the web, perhaps people should visit the graves again, or perhaps for the first time and give some time to remember the sacrifice these individuals made without question, so that today we can only try to imagine how they could…….

The new RoH list is at the top of the alphabetical list – each country as a separate jump off from there. Alternatively, you can go straight to a specific country list from the links listed below;

United Kingdom here.
Belgium here.
Denmark here.
France here.
Germany here.
Holland here.
Poland here.
Sweden here.

I plan to to try to add the grave photographs to the original alphabetically listed Roll of Honour – WordPress and layout allowing…….

Roll of Honour

Just put up the Roll of Honour that Kevin, chairman of the UK Association was so kind to let me have a while back.

Throughout it’s history 75(NZ) Squadron has always led from the front, never shying away from a challenge, the air and ground crews always doing what was asked of them and more besides. The names recorded in this Roll of Honour bear testimony  to the sacrifices made in war. May they always be remembered for what and who they were.

In all, 1139 members of 75 (New Zealand) Squadron lost their lives during the period 1940-1945.

Aki Aki Kia Kaha
(forever and ever be strong)