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Request for information – John Perry, George Franks & Edward Sims.


Scout Group registration form from November 1943

A fascinating contact for information from Charlie – Scout Leader, 1st Sutton Cambridgeshire.

Charlie is currently researching the history of his Scout group and has discovered that it was originally formed in 1943 as ‘1st Sutton in the Isle’. Charlies had found the original registration form for the group and it lists 3 members of 75(NZ) Squadron as the founding members!

The Scoutmaster was John W. Perry his two assistants were George Franks and Edward Sims.

I have looked through the information I have and there appears to be no record of these individuals – a query to Kevin suggests they might be ground crew, simply because air crew would not have the time to undertake such activities.

If you know anything about any of these chaps, please get in contact, I know Charlies would love to find out more about them and as they don’t exist in the records, so would I.