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Borculo General Cemetery, Netherlands

crem compd red

Many thanks to Philip for supplying these gravestone images.

On the 6th September 1941 86 airfract, including 13 Wellingtons from 75(NZ) Squadron RAF, took off from various airfields to bomb a chemical pant in Hüls. The Squadron lost 2 of the Wellingtons on this Op, one was X9767.

Wellington Mk IC, X9767, Captained by P/O James Edward Johnson,  was shot down by a German night fighter (flown by Oblt Emil Woltersdorft, Unit 111, NJG1) over Holland. The Wellington crashed into the sea at approximately 00.11hrs near Borculo (Gelderland) South East of Lochem, Holland. None of the crew survived.

P/O James Edward Johnson RAF 66519 – Pilot. Age 21
Sgt Peter Simpson Dickson Johnston RAF 776002 – 2nd Pilot. Age 28
Sgt William John Barker RAF 1378561 – Rear Gunner. Age 33
Sgt Wilfred Bearne RAF 976174 – Wireless Operator. Age 22
Sgt Ronald Davies RAF 751130 – Front Gunner. Age 23
Sgt Robert Michael Minchin RAF 751355 – Observer. Age 22