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More pictures of W/O Miles ‘Joe’ Parr, Wireless Operator – Zinzan crew.

Many thank to Jimmy for passing on some more wonderful photographs of his father, Miles Parr, Wireless operator with the Zinzan crew, with who my father completed his second tour with the Squadron in 1945.

Apart from the last image, showing an almost complete Zinzan crew sometime between late 1944 and early 1945, at Mepal, all the other images seem to be from Miles’ trade training. I have tagged all the names listed in the photographs of this post – so we might get lucky and learn a bit more about some of the other boys in the photographs…..


Back row right to left: Tom Coddington, Yorks, Sheff Levick, yorks, Mick Mustalgh, Kilkenny, Samson Shaw, Derbyshire.
Front row right to left: R Myhill, Norfolk, Dick Watkins, Lancs, My Dad, unknown individual (but appears again below), “Monty” Banks, London.
© Jimmy Parr


Miles to the right, with him the same unnamed chap that is sat far left, front row, in the group picture above.
© Jimmy Parr


Miles and another airman. Wearing their Sergeants stripes, places this photograph possibly just after they had completed their Signals Training, before moving on to an Advanced Flying Unit.
© Jimmy Parr


written on the back of this photograph is:
“good luck and best wishes Joe, Ever yours Hugh Webb”.
Jimmy is aware that Miles was know as ‘Joe’ – Taffy Zinzan often calling him this name in mail between them.
© Jimmy Parr


Group shot with Miles standing in the middle – judging by the clothing, they were flying by this point, though date and location are unknown.
© Jimmy Parr


A slightly better condition version of the group photograph that Peter, Vernon Zinzan’s son sent me all those months ago, which was one of the main catalysts for all I have done since.
Left to right: Vernon ‘Taffy’ Zinzan, James George Sydney Coote, H. Hutchinson, A. Ackroyd and Miles ‘Joe’ Parr. Mepal date unknown.
© Jimmy Parr

A bit of a mystery – name to a face?

scan0001 scan0002

Thanks to Steve (218 Sqdn. historian) for passing on this photograph.

The identity of the individual is a bit of a mystery to me. Checking through the records, the only Webber listed as flying with 75(NZ) is the following airman;

W/O A. M. (or N.) Webber, RAFVR 133074) unspecified trade. 9 Feb 1945 to …?…

Basing my search round the date of 9th February 1945, I found this airman completed the following Ops with Leonard Hannan’s crew;

9.3.45. War Ops – Datteln. Lancaster Mk.I RF129 JN-MW/O Webber A. as Wireless Operator.

11.3.45. War Ops – Essen. Lancaster Mk.I HK563 JN-W
W/O Webber A. as Wireless Operator.

23.3.45. War Ops – Wesel. Lancaster Mk.I RA541 JN-U ? (contradicts a/c database).
W/O Webber A. as Wireless Operator.

29.3.45. War Ops – Salzgitter
. Lancaster Mk.I NG322 JN-F
W/O Webber A. as Wireless Operator.

4/5.4.45. War Ops – Meresburg. Lancaster Mk.I RF129 JN-M
W/O Webber A. as Wireless Operator.

9/10.4.45. War Ops – Kiel. Lancaster Mk.I PB820 JN-V
F/S B. Harpham replaces W/O Webber as WOp.

I suppose the puzzle is that the back of the photograph, in brackets seems to say rear, however, this could relate to his time at 218 (Gold Coast) Squadron. I am also aware that an individuals given name(s) and what they might have been known as also differs, so ‘Pete’ may have been this chaps ‘crew’ name.

As always, if this face looks familiar, please get in contact………

Philip Francis Smith RAAF AUS. 427206 – Wireless Operator. Logbook

Some time ago I got talking to Jim Smith about his Uncle, Philip Smith who was the Wireless Operator with the McCartin crew and, like all but one of the crew, perished on the 20th November 1944 on an op to the Meerbeck oil refinery, Homberg.

It’s the first logbook that I have received that was owned by an airman that did not make it back and I think it makes it all the more poignant to see the entry (in an others hand) for that final operation, simply with ‘missing’ after it.

View Phil’s logbook here