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1945 crew list from Wayne

I receive an email from Wayne today – it lists a full crew for 1945. The list is as follows;

12 March 1945.

Lancaster I RF127 AA.W  Up 13:01 Down 18:16
F/O Zinzan, V. NZ425314 Captain
W/O Coote, J. Nav
F/O Sommerville, R. A/B
Sgt Parr, M. WO/Air
Sgt Ackroyd, A. F/Eng
Sgt Hutchinson, H. MU/Gnr
W/O Torbitt, M. R/Gnr

Bomb Load 1 x 4,000 lb H.C, 13 x 500 lb ANM.
Primary Target – Dortmund.
Tracking error of .02 large on G.H. H2S on at 16:50 on run to the target.

It feels as if I am slowly putting a picture together now. It also feels slightly as if my loyalties feel split – its almost as if Bob had 2 ‘families’ – one in 1943 and one in1945 – where should I begin? I don’t want to ignore one of them, but at the same time I don’t want to go off on a wild goose chase looking for stuff that might not be there, if its at the cost of finding other information………

I need to see the ORB’s to learn more about the crew….