75(NZ) Squadron December 1943

Full Squadron 1943 NUMBERED

4. F/Lt  John David Grubb, DFC, RNZAF NZ415068 – Pilot. confirmed – Kevin King
7. W/Cdr Roy Douglas Max, DSO, DFC, RAF/ RNZAF 36149/ NZ2076 – Pilot. confirmed – Kevin King.
9.  Squadron Leader James Kenneth Climie, DFC, NZ403561- C Flight Commander. confirmed – Chris Newey
8.  Group Captain Michael Wasse – Station Commander. confirmed – Ian Wasse
10. Squadron Leader David Stewart Gibb DFC, NZ401266 – B Flight Commander. confirmed – Murray Gibb
13. F/Lt. Charles Crossfield Bewsher, RAFVR 100122 – Adjutant 75 (NZ) Sqdn. confirmed – Chris Newey
30. F/O John Wallace Downing RAFVR 136351 – Navigator. Burke crew. confirmed – Kevin King
38. F/Sgt William Morton RAFVR 540956 – Pilot. confirmed – Kevin KIng
40. P/O John Hannah RNZAF NZ422657 – Navigator. Horgan crew. confirmed – Kevin King
56. P/O Edgar Lawrence Burke RNZAF NZ417016 – Pilot. confirmed – Kevin KIng
Sgt Raymond Holden RAFVR 993297 – Flight Engineer. Darney & White crew. confirmed – John Oldroyd
104. F/S Wilfred Pickering RAFVR 1434290 – Flight Engineer. Burke crew. confirmed – Kevin King
105. Sgt James Henry Cooper RAFVR 1308375 – Mid Upper Gunner. Burke crew. confirmed – Kevin King
118. W/O Frank Albert Page RAAF AUS.409481 – Air Bomber. Burke crew. confirmed – Kevin King
119. F/S Alfred Newnham RAFVR 1172993 – Rear Gunner. Burke & Rowberry crew. confirmed – Kevin King
130. F/S George Wilks RAFVR 1601175 – Wireless Operator. Potts crew. confirmed – Kevin King
134. W/O Desmond George Geddes Horgan MiD, RNZAF NZ39012 – Pilot. confirmed – Kevin King

+ ‘Mambo‘ – Dog. Squadron mascot. confirmed – Ian Wasse

12 thoughts on “75(NZ) Squadron December 1943

  1. Ian Wasse

    Simon I think no 8 is my dad Group Captain Michael Wasse Station Commander June 1943 to June 1944. Not sure about the dogs name though . Will ask my sister if she remembers


  2. Kevin King

    4- John Grubb NZ Pilot
    7- Roy Max NZ CO
    30- John Downing Nav Burke crew
    40- John Hannah NZ Nav Horgan crew
    104- Wilfred Pickering F/E Burke crew
    105- Henry Cooper M-U-G Burke crew
    118- Frank Page AUS B/A Burke crew


  3. Darin Brenner

    Looks like number 2 could be -. John ‘Jack/ Irish Jack’ Mathers Bailey, DFC and bar, RNZAF NZ412183 – Pilot
    you could confirm this


  4. Chris Newey

    Hi Darin, No not Jack Bailey. Bailey finished his first tour in May 1943, and began his second tour in November 1944. Cheers, Chris



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