No. 75 (H.D.) Squadron 1916 – 1919

No. 75 (H.D.) Squadron

Goldington .(Beds)
New Home Defence Scheme adopted, resulting in the formation of four new squadrons. No. 75 (Home Defence) Squadron formed under the command of Major H.A. Petre. The Squadron was equipped with B.E. 2C, D & E aircraft.

Major T.O.B. Hubbard assumed command of the squadron, vice Major H.A. Petre.

Major T.F. Rutledge assumed command of the squadron, vice Major T.O.B. Hubbard.

Elmswell (Suffolk).
Squadron moved to Elmswell as the result of changes in the disposition of Defence Squadrons. Whilst at this station the squadron also used the landing grounds at Harling road and Hadleigh, and had a night patrol area extending from Colchester in th south to north of Elmswell in the north and Newmarket to the west.

Sept 1917.
Unit re-equipped with B.E.12 and 12B. Aircraft.

Major C.S. Ross assumed command of the squadron vice Major T.F. Rutledge.

Major C.A. Ridley assumed command of the squadron vice Major C.S. Ross.

During the period 1917-1918 the pilots of the squadron ascended during a number of airship raids, but only one occasion arose when a Zeppelin was sighted and even then it could not be brought to action. The squadron also re-equipped during this period with Avro and Sopwith Camel aircraft. Roll of officers at the Armistice. App. “B”.

North Weald (Essex).
Squadron moved to North Weald.

Squadron disbanded.

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