Group Photographs

This section will eventually contain various ‘large scale’ group images from the Squadron. On occasion, photographs were taken either of the entire Squadron, or of individual flights. Relative to crew photographs, the job of identifying individuals within these images is significantly harder – so these images are here as much for people to find a relative, as they are for you to  identify one. I would love to think that perhaps eventually we might be able to identify all the boys in at least some, if not all of these photographs.

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9 thoughts on “Group Photographs

  1. John Borwick

    Please has anyone a photo of Lancaster ND904 or of her crew in particular Sergeant W Op (Air ) R.S. Hond RAFVR who was killed in a mid-air collision 5-10-1944 or any information. Many Thanks. John.


    1. 75nzsquadron Post author

      Hi John
      Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the aircraft or the Galletly crew, however I am in contact with the relatives of Alan Galletly, the Pilot and also Roy Wells the Air Bomber. It’s a very long shot, but Mike, sent me a picture of Roy’s wedding, which features a number of airmen – one that we were able to identify as Alan the pilot. I would suggest in the first instance you have a look at the picture which is here;

      one of the other airmen might be Reg Hond.

      If you want to email me directly, I’ll pass on your details and interest to the other relatives.



  2. John Borwick

    Hi Simon,
    Thank you so much for your reply.
    At present I am checking the large squadron photo with my friend who is the nephew of R.S. Hond and who visited the graves of the crews who lost their lives .
    The story of how I got involved might be of interest in this project.
    I am a serving F.l. Lt. in the RAFVR (T ) that is the Air Cadets in the UK . I was talking to Tony about his Uncle and he mentioned he had lost his life whilst serving with Bomber Command . Last year H.M. Queen unveiled a memorial to Bomber Command and the only flying Lancaster took part in the fly past Tony was invited with his family to the unveiling of the memorial.
    I will keep you posted .


  3. John Borwick

    Hi Simon, Following up on my research into Lancaster B111 ND904.
    I have found a photo of the aircraft with crew under the nose of the aircraft .
    The photo is credited to David Lyons . Re : FlightCrew.htm
    1. Are you aware of this photo?
    2.The photo seems to me as if the negative has been reversed check the nose letter B.
    3.There are mission marking plus nose art on the aircraft .
    4. Do you have any idea what the nose art was and the inscription?
    5. Would you be interested in a photo of Sergeant R.S. Hond for your records so that a memorial of the crew would lost their lives are held in one place of 75 (nz) Squadron.
    Within the next few months I am going with Reg Hond nephew Tony to the RAF Meseum at Hendon where aircraft records are held to see if I can uncover any more information.

    Hope this information is useful.


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  4. Geoff Hurst

    I was just browsing the 75th squadron website and came across a post made on 12/07/16. My uncle
    P. E. Tuthill was the Flight Engineer on that Lancaster and is also buried in Rheinberg War Cemetery.
    I visited the cemetery on 16th October this year and you may find it of interest that R S Hond and A K Sutton
    are buried next to each other with the other members of the crew. Also a wreath in the form of a RAF roundel
    was on the grave of R S Hond and was perhaps from the anniversary date of the crash as it seemed quite recent.
    I have photographs of the head stones of the crew and of the Lancaster with which they collided, all the graves
    form part of a row in the cemetery. If needed I can forward photographs.
    Geoffrey Hurst

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  5. john borwick

    Hi Geoffrey,
    In reply to you E-mail.
    The wreath is laid each year by the Royal British Legion on behave of Tony the nephew of R.S ,
    Hond who was killed with the crew of N 111 ND 904 .

    If it is possble to have a photo I would be most grateful so I could so that I can pass it on.

    By any chance have you got any photos of any of the crew of Lancaster N111 ND 904
    again I would be nice to pass them to Tony.
    Many thanks.
    John Borwick


  6. Geoff Hurst

    Hi John,
    Yes I can send photographs of head stones of the crew and also other photographs
    which are posted on the website direct to your email address from mine which is –
    I look forward to making contact.



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