‘C’ Flight 75(NZ) Squadron RAF – December 1943

C flight march 43 with numbers

8. Squadron Leader James Kenneth Climie, DFC, NZ403561 – C Flight Commander. confirmed – Chris Newey
12. Sgt Raymond Holden RAFVR 993297 – Flight Engineer. Darney & White crew. confirmed – John Oldroyd
17. Sgt. Melvin Sumner RAFVR 1685755 – Mid Upper Gunner. Young crew. confirmed – Mary Thompson
26. F/S Alfred Victor Venn RAFVR
1277931 – Rear Gunner. Climie crew. confirmed – Gordon Venn

6 thoughts on “‘C’ Flight 75(NZ) Squadron RAF – December 1943

  1. Mary Thompson

    No 17 in the photo is my father Melvin Sumner (or his exact double) I can’t believe it! I have a photo of him with Russ Youngs (pilot) crew naming each one and have just found James Colin Burch’s write-up of his wartime experiences naming this very crew – Great


  2. Darin Brenner

    Hi Simon,
    looks like number 6 in this photo is – John ‘Jack/ Irish Jack’ Mathers Bailey, DFC and bar, RNZAF NZ412183 – Pilot .

    You could try and confirm


  3. JN-Dog

    Hi Darin, No, not Bailey, he had left the squadron by May 1943. This photo was taken during Ken Climie’s time as Flight Commander, so some time between October 43 and May 44.



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