Leonard Roy Gould, Wireless Operator – Lucas crew


Courtesy Kerry Foster

P1050828 cut out

Courtesy Kerry Foster


Frederick John ‘Popeye’ Lucas, Leonard’s Pilot. taken in Trafalgar Square, date unknown.
Courtesy Kerry Foster

2 thoughts on “Leonard Roy Gould, Wireless Operator – Lucas crew

  1. Brent James

    My father, Sgt. Athol James NZ391328 (Rear Gunner), crewed with Lucas and Gould on 21 war operations over Europe with 75 squadron in 1940 and one in 1941.


  2. Stephen Housby

    I’m new to this website but fascinated already. My father in law would have been Leonard Gould had he survived to see his daughter marry. He died c1970. We have his logbook and it makes interesting reading.
    Leonard would have wanted to know that his daughter married an RAF pilot and his granddaughter is a Squadron Leader.



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